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How To Change The Volume Button Becomes The Power Button

Your power button broken? Don't worry now there has been a way of changing the volume buttons become the power button easily without doing root. Basically the power button is very important because, besides serving to turn on and off the screen, the power button can also be used to perform the shutdown or restart on your android smartphone.

We can't menampikan when every day we hit the power button tens to hundreds of times for either on or off the screen. In fact, too often hit the power button can cause wear and tear on the power button. Consequently, becoming less responsive power button doesn't even work anymore. Then what about when this key can not be used? Is there a way of changing the volume buttons become the power button in order to address the problems above to avoid cell phone service?

There is one application that can be used to change the volume button becomes the power button. This application is called Volume Unlock Power Button Fix. This application lets you open the screen, turn off the screen by using the power button. You simply install the application volume unlock power button fix on your smartphone and do a little setting. How about setting it up? the following steps-steps how to change power button volume button be using Power Button Fix Unlock Volume

  1. The first step you have to do is install the application. Open the playstore you and search Volume Unlock Power Button Fix. After download and install directly found on your android smartphone.
  2. After the download and install is complete, sign in on the settings menu or settings
  3. After you click the settings menu, it will be a lot of the menu that appears, select menu Security
  4. Next select the Device Administrators
  5. After you enter the administrator menu on the device, if you've installed the application Volume Unlock Power Button Fix then Unlock volume will appear. Click Volume Unlock and activate with click Activate
  6. To do the settings, click on the volume unlock power button fix and select and activate the Enable menu Volume Unlock. This command is used to change the volume button you get the power button to lock the screen.
  7. Well now you can lock your screen using the volume button

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Very easy is not how to change the volume button becomes the power button above. This way you can make alternative power button when you suddenly can't function. This way you don't need to carry your favorite smartphone to where cell phone service.  But when the power button is indeed very you need, it would be nice to change by bringing into place the mobile phone service. Hopefully the steps-the steps how to change the volume button power button above can be useful.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:00 pm

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