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How to change the Icon 3 g signal Into 4 g Android

How to change the icon 3 g signal into 4 g-Over development of telecommunications technology, then today's smartphone capability should also undertook to follow the developments. A variety of advanced features are added so that a smartphone can adapt according to needs and emerging technologies. One of them is a new networking technology that is named 4 g LTE.

4 g technology is the development of 3 g technology that was previously dubbed the fast internet technology, as well as the latest technology supports the ability of video call first at zamanya. But over time, berjalanya now present the latest technology capable of faster with 4 g name or referred to with LTE. Reportedly, the speed offered this technology able to penetrate up to 150 MB/second.

But as we know, new technologies are usually a little ' expensive ' sell ' '. Usually only implanted in certain smartphones-smartphone with a price that is also not cheap. So it makes LTE technology yet can be enjoyed by all circles, especially users with Low End class gadgets. But if you just want to be able to see 4 g signal in your HH for just the style, we can all akali. But 4 g signal icon is actually just for style, has no effect on the speed of your internet network. For example, if your network is 3 g, then kecepatanya also stay on track even though the 3 g icon that appears on the icon is 4 g LTE signal.  OK, we start the tutorial.

Tutorial how to change the look of the bar 3 g signal into 4 g on android.

Tutorial changing the icon 3 g signal into 4 g on Android

You need some terms in order for this trick you can do, i.e. HH already in the root, some picture signals 4 g icon in png format, and the application root is explore. First, open the application root Explorer, go to the Director system, app. And search for the file URsystemUi.apk, and then copy to a memory card. If not it could be copied, change first permision from RW to RO. Then press and hold the URsystemUi.apk that is on the SD Card, the Options window will pop up later, and choose Extract. Go to extract results file, and then enter a folder res, drawable-hdpi, and search for the following file names.







After that, the rename file icon that you have 4 g in the order the names above. '' Code blue '' on the tutorial above, shows this trick will be active when you turn signals HH you become Blue/Blue. And if you want, you can change into a '' white '', '' orange '', or another color that you want. And again, the above code is the code for HH which supports Dual SIM. While the code '' signal_1, signal_2, signal_3, signal_4, is the code to sort pictures signal start of signal 1, 2, 3, and 4 are usually signal full picture.

 If all you have to rename and delete the same file name or you rename to another name for generated files is extracted from URsystemUi.apk. Then you copy all your 4 g image file you rename, and pastekan to a folder of drawable-hdpi, res, on the results of the extract from URsystemUi.apk. After that pack folder SystemUi into zip file, later its name would be

Then rename to become URSystemUi.apk. After that, copy the file pastekan to the directory and the system, do not jump into the folder App. Press and hold the URSystemUi.apk file, and then change the permision. Check everything on the line early, check the section above that is on line 2, then in addition leave blank. After that, move the file URSystemUi.apk that is in the System folder to the folder System, app. If there is a warning that came out, let alone rewrite. Then reboot your HH.



All steps are finished, and see the results live. But please notice, do backups before doing all these steps. Because of the risks that might happen is your Ui system error and unable to walk. This tutorial might not run on all types of walking though a success in HH HH I, so risk please own risk.

For those of you who prefer practical way, I include also the zip file that you can install directly via CWM. This file I found from a forum, but work on HH I though a different brand.

File 3 g to 4 g

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Good luck and Godspeed. Remember, to enable this trick, change the color of your signal into color Blue/Blue.

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 4:28 pm

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