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How to change message centre number in Android

       Before the rise of social media applications, then the SMS be the first choice when wanting to communicate with others, how not, just by typing a few characters readings, then you can already give the news to your friends, for example me again fed, I relaxed again and so on. Therefore it can be called that SMS is the best service when submitting the news instantly.

But not only that because of the SMS service is also encountered obstacles, such as not able to send SMS, can not receive SMS and so on. Therefore you need a solution so that constraints such as this do not happen again.

One of the constraints of being a SMS message centre number is terubahnya. This can only happen when you fiddle atik hp randomly or young children who often play Hp without sufficient knowledge, then the effect is you can not send SMS even pulses and active period of your card is still insufficient. With this you need a way to reset the message centre number.

Here we will give a tutorial on how to change or set the message centre number on your mobile phone like Samsung Andaroid, oppo, xiaomi coolpad, redmi, vivo, himax, etc. But this time we will exemplify with Hp Samsung j3 prime. The following the steps:

Open the Message and click the other page that is on the top right


Click settings


Click more settings


Select text message


Then click on Message Center


Please Adjust or replace Your message center then do not forget to click on Save


      So it's a tutorial on how to set the message centre number in Android phones, both phones Samsung, vivo, redmi, opppo, the coolpad, himax and others. May be useful for all of us. Thank you.

Updated: October 12, 2017 — 8:53 am

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