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How to change your Android Smartphone into a Mouse

The increasingly sophisticated era encouraged some people to continue to work. One of them is by creating applications – applications that facilitate a job. For those of you who don't have or want a mouse mengotrol mouse using the smartphone there is some how to modify android smartphone into a mouse that you can apply.

Now almost everyone is either from the top or the bottom middle have smartphones. The Smartphone has become one of the needs that must be present on each person. Many benefits and advantages provided by an intelligent mobile phone. Not only that on many smartphone applications – applications that support and facilitate a job. The mouse into one of the mandatory requirements exist on a computer.

Mouse cursor displacement can make on a computer. With the mouse, the cursor into the shift feels so easy. But often times we got a problem with the cable coiled retractable mouse even breaking up that causes the mouse cannot be used. There are actually many ways alter your android smartphone into a wireless mouse. But on this occasion we will describe how to modify android smartphone into a mouse with a Mouse using Wifi.

WiFi Mouse is an application that can create an android smartphone has a facility for moving the cursor. You simply connect your android smartphone with the same wifi network and you can already make a Wireless Mouse with your android smartphone. Then how do I modify android smartphone into a mouse? follow the steps below.

  1.  The first step you have to do is download the application to your Android Wifi Mouse. Look for Wifi Mouse on the Playstore then download and install it.
  2. The second step, Install also the Mouse Server on your Laptop/PC. This application serves as a server to run the application in Your Wifi Android Mouse.
  3. IMPORTANT: connect between your android smartphone with Laptop/PC on the same network. You can use the Hotspot or Wifi Tethering. The most important among the laptop/PC and your Smartphone is connected on the same network.
  4. After all installed and you are connected on the same network, run the Mouse over an existing Server on your computer. There are usually on the System Tray Icon and then click right. You will get the IP Address that you can connect with your android.
  5. Now run the application Android Mouse on Your Wifi and inputkan IP Address you've been getting from your computer
  6. If it is, then if the display appears like the mouse, trying to sweep your finger on the screen smarphone. If the cursor is already in motion, you have successfully made the mouse by using the android smartphone.

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Now android smartphone you already can be used as a wireless mouse and keyboard. For those of you who are lazy to type with the keyboard of a computer, you can take advantage of on-site wireless Wifi application on keyboard Mouse on your android smartphone to type. Really cool isn't it?

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:08 pm

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