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How To Change The Icon Of Android Without Root

You get bored with the look of the icons on your android smartphone – the usual mediocrity? It turns out there is how to change the icon of android without using root you can use for custom icon. In this way, you can make a custom icon for all applications on your android smartphone, such as fuel, WA, SMS, and other – other. You can also change the appearance, color, to the writing of each icon. But you need to pay attention to these tips and tricks are only used for personal use only, because basically you do not have and are not allowed to change the icon or the name of the application without the express permission of the developer and his company.

But for those of you who change the icon only for personal interest, then it is allowed. How to change the icon of android without root we will practise that is by using an application. This application can be used to decorate, to change the name of the icon of our liking. The Application Icon Changer is Free.

Icon Changer Free is a freeware or free applications that are created for the purpose of decorating the display icon until the name icon on your android Smartphone. More great again this application can run without the need to root on your favorite smartphone.

You are definitely not pensaran how can I change the icon of android without root that you can Fox to your liking. Even you can change icon into your photos. Play as you wish with the Application Icon Changer Free. Then bagaiana steps-stride? the following explanation

  1. The first step you have to do is download the Application Icon in the Google Free Canger Play Store and then install on your android device.
  2. After you download and install it, the next step is open the Application Icon Changer Free who has downloaded the Application tab, and then look for and click on the icon you want to be a Fox.
  3. After you click on the form title you can foxes in accordance with your wishes. This form will change the title or titles on your icon.
  4. Then to change the look of the icon you can click change or decorate. Change is used to change the total icon. You can use photos or images to your liking. As for the menu, is used to decorate mendokorasi icon you select. You can change the color, border thickness, and others – other
  5. After completion of all, press the OK button, then the new name will appear the page menu or App to your android Smarpthone.

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Very easy is not it? How to change the icon of android without root above. In addition to easy, this application can also be applied without using root. So there is no risk on your android smartphone. May be useful and please try

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:05 pm

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