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How to check card number Smart Telecom

The easy way to find out the latest Smart Telecom numbers
How to check the number of the Smart Telecom

Last just want to fill pulses in modem Smart Telecom since the number is so new yet remember the number, pas mau miscall to my mobile number so that the look of the number turned out to be the correct pulsanya is up, so did not know the number.

After surfing the internet eventually meet too, therefore I will share here how to check card number Smart Telecom let others could also be helped if it experienced the same thing.

Here's how;

  • go to the tab ' voice dial '
  • call * 995
  • wait for balasanya more or less;   The number of your 88274077365. Smart Telecom Internet points are valid until 15/05/2012.for info on the status of your data services please visit

So the article on how to find out the Smart Telecom card number either via modem and also via the hp it is easy sekalil

Good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:53 am

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