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How To Clean The Junk Files On Your Iphone Easily iphone users no doubt we will get irritated when we become iphone slow performance because the memory is already full. But we've been trying to reduce to the maximum the files or applications on the iphone are not needed. If this occurs, you do not need to worry because there are a few applications which can help clean the junk files in your phone easily, one of them using the iCleaner.

iCleaner is an application made by Bigboss that can serve as a solution or how to clean the junk files on your iphone easily. With just one touch, all junk files that are on your iphone will be lost and its memory capacity also became a relief again. Then the junk files, such as what can be deleted by iCleaner?

These include:

  1. File message attachments, iCleaner can delete file attachments sent and received files on SMS and MMS messages
  2. Safari, the file will remove the iCleaner cache, cookies and historically on the safari browser.
  3. The cache file system and a database, by using the iCleaner scan, you can delete the cache file system and database on the iphone which telang obsolete and no longer needed.
  4. File-the File to Cydia, iCleaner can also be clean application and files contained in the files that form both cydia cache or temporary or temporary files.
  5. Appstore app, appstore files generated by such as cache, cookies and temporary can also be removed by using the iCleaner.
  6. Log files, iCleaner can also remove log files on your iphone safely.
  7. Temporary files, temporary files all made when we use the iphone can be removed easily using the cleaner.

How to clean the junk files on your iPhone

In addition to the files mentioned above, actually still many files that can be removed easily with iCleaner. You can see more details on its official website at iCleaner. But at its core, this application is well worth the pinned on the iphone so that we would not have trouble finding how to clean the junk files on your iphone easily. If you've got an interesting experience when using the iCleaner please write dikolom comments so readers can learn from your experience.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:05 am

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