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How to comment on the Status on Twitter

     How to comment on the status on twitter-Twit or twitter is a social media application that is used by many people. Getting a download day twitter more and more. You can see the number of weekly twitter for android user playstore, app store for iphone users and w word for blackberry users. You will find that users of this application is getting much bolder.

Twitter also has a feature that is not much different from other social media applications. I.e. status, sharing photos, videos and files. By getting lots of follower, then what would you share with twit in the post, will be seen by many more people. Therefore you can't just upload a video atupun status, because it will get a lot of responses from Your followers/follower.

Aside from mobile phone users turns out twitter can also be used in PC/laptop. So the laptop users can freely open twitter with is not limited by the operating system as well as other social media applications that can only be opened on your mobile phone. So essentially You can open up your twitter account on your mobile phone or laptop.

One advantage of twitter is that you can post your status/photos/videos to facebook via twitter. So to make the status on fb, you can simply open a twitter account just select share on facebook, then automatically what you post on your twitter account will be visible also in your facebook wall.

As for who will examine in the writings of this time among other things how to reply to a tweet with a link, how to reply to a tweet with a reply, how to use twitter in hp, and how to mention twitter at hp. Here we will explain one by one.

a. How to use twitter in hp

Special smartphone mobile users are not too difficult to use twitter at Hp. However, before using the registration process there are multiple registration or twitter you need to do. Please follow the steps below.

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1. Please download and customise your twitter app with your mobile phone
2. View the registration sign-in twitter
3. Enter your name, email and password for registration
4. Click sign up
So how to use twitter in hp limited registration and download twit account.

For the use of twitter is not too difficult because twitter is now available in bahasa Indonesia. So you can just read it for the use of twitter in hp. For example, You want to post your status, then click a twit, or want to upload videos and photos, then you can just click the logo of the camera and select a photo or video to be uploaded. So easy it is to use twitter at hp.

b. How to mention twitter at hp
Mention twitter aims so that your writing can be stuck to the walls of others. Same thing with facebook when you write your friend's wall, then automatically your friend will know that you have written on the walls.

Such is the case with mention twitter at hp i.e. aims so that you can paste Your writings or photos on the wall of your friends. The trick is pretty easy to please follow the following steps lanngkah

1. Please write your twitter d postings
2. Before pressing the twitt, please you enter Your friends names e.g. @adigofurdst
3. After that automatic writing you will be stuck on the wall to your friends
So how to mention twitter at hp

c. How to comment on the status on twitter

When last we explains how to use twitter in hp and how to mention twitter at hp, now on the third discussion we will explain on how to comment on the status on twitter.

1. Please go to the twitter home page
2.  Select status who will you review on
3. Click the mark as you can in this photo

comment-the twit

4. Enter a maximum of 140 characters of the comment and then click twit
So how to comment on twitter status

d. How to reply to a tweet with a link

After we explain how to mention the hp and how to comment on the status on twitter, now at the four points we will tell you about how to reply to a tweet with a link. The following further clarification.

Basically insert the link or enter the chat link on a tweet you can not, but you can mengakalinya with how to enter the normal link without words or writings as the referring link. The trick is pretty easy. Please copy the link then pastekan in the page comment or reply the person you are headed. In this way your link already embedded in the page the comments other people's twitter, and owner of twitterpun post could see Your comment and the link. So how to outsmart so you can send links to others via twitter.

e. How to reply to a tweet by reply

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Well after the last we explain about how to reply to a tweet with the link now we will tell you about how to reply to a tweet with a reply. Further explanation here.

1. Go to home page
2. Select the posts which would you reply twit with reply
3. Click the arrow

ways of replying to a tweet-reply
4. Enter Your reply tweet
5. Click the tweet
So how to reply to a tweet with a reply.

So we have uraiakan posts about how to reply to a tweet with a link, how to use twitter with hp, how to reply to a tweet with a reply, I mention twitter via hp, and how to use twitter at hp. We ucapakan terimaksih.

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 2:36 pm

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