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How To Create Animation List View Android

How to create Animation List View Android – Android modding way Tutorial is indeed increasingly diverse. Lots of tips and tricks that are performed by the user in order to make Android more maximum. Anyone do modding for wanting to improve the performance of Android, there are also do modding just because the original Android look bored with monotonous. For you who want to learn the modding and want to change your Android becomes more unique, maybe my tutorial times is pretty useless. Because at this time the article, I will share how to create animation list view Android.

List View it apasih? Have you ever opened up your contacts list and see the menu shaped vertical lined which contains your contact list? Well, that's the List View. Typically, the display list view on Android using a monotonous style. The drawing and does not have any uniqueness. But as it turns out, by doing a little modding, we can make the display list view into motion pictures or also called with animation. By making the animation list view, no doubt HH you will look very unique and quite funny.

Tutorial if want to create animation list view android.

Are you interested in? If you are interested and want to try, make sure you backup first. And make sure your HH should have diroot, because root access is needed to get to modding. OK, for those of you who have been very curious, just follow the tutorial below.

How to create animation List View Android

  1. First, you must have the application Exposed Installer. If not, please first download and then install.
  2. Go to applications and select Installer Exposed on a menu Framework-> Update/Install.
  3. Do reboot.
  4. Next, please locate and download the application XuiMod. You can find it on the internet. Then please install in internal memory.
  5. Reopen the application Exposed installer. Then enter the menu "Module", and tick on "XuiMod".
  6. After that, please open the application XuiMod. Then please enter the menu List view animation.
  7. You will find some menu. List View menu Animation, contains other types of animations that you can choose to use. Please select one.
  8. Underneath there is another menu List select Interpolator, please you that you like.
  9. To determine the duration of the animation, please go to the menu List view Duration. Then set the time you want.
  10. And if you want the animation does not appear on a particular application, please use the menu App Blacklist. Please select the button "ADD" to add applications to the list of Blacklisted App.
  11. If all steps are finished. Now please you press menu Test List View to see if you've managed to make the List View animation. If it does not appear, try rebooting your HH first. completed.

This way it's not too complicated because it only requires the help application, so you don't have to do a manual edite. However, your patience and thoroughness is necessary so that all steps can be applied appropriately. Remember, I am just sharing tutorial. But I am not responsible for anything that may be caused. Therefore, perform backups to anticipate if an error occurred. Or do not do if you fear your HH is broken. Because Android modding to do, indeed it takes courage in taking risks. Various errors such as failure of the system, bootlop, to the hard brick already is common in the world of modding. Therefore, if you want to succeed, don't be afraid to try. Hopefully a tutorial how to create animation List view is bermanfa'at.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:24 am

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