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How To Easily Create A Partition Link2sd

How to easily create Link2sd Partition-Android operating system is one that has a variety of features that are quite sophisticated. Even now the thousands of applications already available ready installed to maximize the performance of android. But as advanced features, most android applications also have a fairly large size. Ranging from the size of the MB to GB size, usually those games with high definition has a size of up to 1 GB. Of course, the problem of storage will be an important function of being able to install a big file. And then, what if the storage capacity which is owned by us HH is minimal?

Then this is the role application Link2sd will be very important. My own HH Saperti only provides internal memory of 245MB as the place of installation of the application. As a result, not many applications that I can install on my HH. In fact often the process of installing the apps that I download from play store failed only because of the internal space is not enough. Because of these problems, I finally decided to install the Link2sd application. And the result, I can now enjoy many of the applications and the performance of the HH I also not slow because my internal memory is still pretty loose.

Just a note, my memory internal maksut here is not ROME which is usually used to store files of good music, videos, photos, or other files. Malainkan space provided as a system default space when we install the application. Then when we install the application, automatically the internal memory will be used.

Tutorials for using link2sd on your android.

The function of Link2SD

Then, what is the function of Link2sd? This app actually has lots of functions that can be used. However the default functionality is to create a '' link '' from applications installed in internal memory, in order to be moved to memory ekternal. So in this way, the internal memory space we'll be looser. You could have linked the cache files, obb, apk, and for paid version you can also link your Data files an application.

But for those of you who still use link2sd the first time, will certainly be puzzled why the links you do fail. The problem is, you need a '' space '' on the menu for your external memory as a place to link. Or commonly known with the second partition. What's the point? The point is as the site cache, apk, data, as well as files that you link obb so as not to mix with other files such as songs, photos, videos, and more. If the storage for video files, photos, music and so on has FAT32 format, then for the second partition should use the format ext2, ext3, ext4 or. Then, how do I create a second partition?

How to create a Partition on Android

In fact, I create this partition is fairly easy, you get to desist immediately from your android smartphone with Android applications using the Partition Tool which you can download directly via google's play. Just a note, HH you should already in the root so that the application can work.

After you download, open the application directly. If the application asks for root access, then let. Important note, make sure you use the new memory or use a memory blank. Since when did a partition, all data and files that exist in the external memory will be lost because the process of partitioning will do format on external memory.

When the application opens, you will see a menu add that have images "+", use to create a new partition, press only. Then there will be a picture of how much space the partition you will create. All depends of your external memory capacity, then I recommend using the memory with a capacity of at least 4 GB.

You are free to make partition of which you want, but I recommend enough about 1 GB or 2 GB only. Then there will be a choice of what format you want to use on a partition, just select ext2. Then press "creat". Later there will be a message you told to disable external storage first to be able to create a partition. Simply minimize the application Android partition tool by pressing the menu key directly, do not on '' exit ''. Then go into the settings menu, storage, and press on ' ' off the SD card.

After that, open more applications Android partition tool that you minimize, and then proceed step that delayed earlier by pressing the ' menu ' creat ''. Wait until the process is complete. Just info, this process sometimes fails in some type of HH as my personal experience, then you can repeat the steps above to succeed. After you have successfully created the partition, out of the Android application partition tool, and then open the application Link2sd. When you just open the Link2sd, usually will appear a message that advises to install the script, approve it and select the type of partition that you created earlier ext2. And wait for the process to finish.

After a successful script installation process, you will be asked to do a reboot, then reboot your HH. Well, good ..!! Now the application Link2sd already functioning and you can use for the linked application or game that you want. In versions available, some features have been restricted, so it feels less maximum. Full of new features you can enjoy on the application Link2sd Plus, that is the premium version of Link2sd. Of course you have to pay to play on google mendapatkanya. However if you are a user with a '' thin '' purse and likes free stuff, you can get a Link2sd Plus for free by doing a patcher. Maybe I will explain in another article about how to get Link2sd Plus free. Hopefully this time the info is pretty bermaanfa'at.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:46 am

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