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The Easy Way To Add Menu Navbar On Android

The easy way to Add Menu Navbar on Android – For those of you who like modding Android, the smartphone has a unique and different from the other is a pride. So in order to improve performance or for the sake of making Android look more unique, modding needs to be done despite the various risks that are also worth it. Well, for this tutorial, I will invite you to try the easy way to add menu navbar on your Android.

Navbar is a row of menu that there is usually at the bottom of the screen. Navbar itself is usually in the form of jejeran icon menu, home, and back. For some types of smartphones, this navbar menu sometimes does not exist. Especially for a samrtphone has a "Home" and "Back" in the form of physical buttons. Samsung for instance. However, it turns out that we can try to add the navbar itself so that it appears on the screen of Android. The trick is also simple and easy enough. For the full tutorial, please refer to the below way.

So that was not saturated using the android then you can add the menu navebar.

The easy way to Add Menu Navbar on Android

The most important part in the modding is, HH you should already be in a State of root. If not, please use the application root android root, or by root android via Droid MTK Tools via the PC. If it is, make sure you already have a custom recovery to jaga-jaga. Either CWM, TWRP, or other custom recovery. Point to perform backup and restore easily in Android when an error while modding.

If you already have a backup, you're ready to start modding with calm. Now, we need the help of an application and the accuracy of us to try the easy way to add menu navbar on Android. Remember..!! do backups to keep-keep. And no doubt you are ready in all likelihood that will happen when the process of modding. If you are afraid of the risk, you should not do. But if you are brave and already convinced, please follow my tutorial here.

First, you need the help of an application called the root Explorer. If not, please search on google play. This application you can download for free. And make sure your HH is already in the root before. After that, open the application root is explore. Then go into the root directory, and then enter a folder system. Please scroll/slide down, and find a file called build. prop.

After the meet, please press and hold a while. The Options window will pop up later, please open using tex editors you have in those options. After that, a new window will appear that displays the entire contents in the file build. the prop. The slide again to the very bottom, then copy and qemu code pastekan. hw. mainkeys = 0 to the bottom line on build. prop. After that, please save and do a reboot. Completed..

The easy way to add menu navbar in Android, could be applied almost in all types of Android device with all brands. But if it is not successfully applied in your HH, meaning this tutorial is not supported in your HH. But, there is no harm if you want to try it out. In some cases, the size of the navbar that arose could have been less pas with the screen size of your HH. Therefore, you can adjust the size of the navbar android by reading my other tutorials on how to easily shrink the size Android navbar. My message, do not forget to do a backup first.

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And all the risks that may be posed, I dare not guarantee. Therefore, it took courage if you are indeed fond of modding. Good luck.

Updated: April 20, 2016 — 10:33 pm

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