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How to easily Push Android to System Applications Manually

How to easily Push Android to System Applications Manually – For the user who is familiar with the oprek android, do push the application to the system may no longer be a novelty. Push the application to the system is the step where we place the third party application, the android system apps be. So when we do the factory reset, then the application is entered in the application system did not enter erased. And again, this way can also be used to secure an application that is considered important in order not easily erased accidentally.

To push the application to the system, there are actually several ways. Anyone using third-party applications such as Link2SD, or it could be done manually via Root explore. But whichever way you choose, both require root access so that it can be done. Then before, you should have already done the root on your HH first. For this tutorial, I will try to invite you to do push the application to the system manually using Root Explorer. For his pace, please refer to the tutorial below.

How to do push the application to the android system

How to easily Push Android to System Applications Manually

In this way usually used to secure an application so that it is not easily removed or so applications are not lost when doing a factory reset. Because the application would read as default application system, and not to mention the third-party applications. For this tutorial, we will try to place the application into the Application Launcher Nova system. Nova is an application launcher that was already fairly well known by lots of users. In addition to the launcher is quite mild, its features are also not boring. Well suited to replace the default launcher when you already feel bosa. For the how, please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your HH is already in a State of root and you've installed the application root is explore. Prepare a file also Nova a Launcher APK that will push you to the application system.
  2. After that open the application Root Explorer, and then locate the file URNova.apk that you have. After that, tap and hold on the file until the Options window appears. Then please choose "copy".
  3. The next step, please log in to direktory root/root. Then enter a folder system-> App, then select "Copy Here" to put the files that you copy to the last folder System-> App.
  4. If a warning window appears to require root access or message warning, then just select OK.
  5. After that, change the permissions on the application. How, touch and hold the application URNova.apk the last you "Paste" in the folder System-> App. The Options window will pop up later, please select "Permissions".
  6. Please set the permissions by selecting the check all the options under the menu "Read", and select the top option under the menu "Write" selainya, leave it blank. At the bottom of it and make sure you set the permissions on the "rw-r–r" (right above the OK button), then confirm by pressing the OK button.
  7. In this step, all is done. Now please do a reboot on your HH. And after you do a reboot, then you will find your last Push applications to System has now been installed in your HH.

How, how to easily Push Android to System Applications Manually is quite simple isn't it? But remember, every thing is dealing with the system, it can cause unexpected problems. Therefore before you "play around" with the system, we recommend that you do a backup just in case if at any time you experience a HH bootlop. So you can do a restore from your backups result. Good luck and Godspeed. Remember, I do not guarantee the risks that might occur. Because this tutorial may not run the same on all android devices. To minimize the risk that may occur, do not forget to do a backup via CWM/TWRP.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 6:00 am

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