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The Easy Way To Change The Wallpaper Android Without Crop

The easy way to change the Wallpaper Android without the Crop – sometimes display a smartphone can be quite important for some people. Could be because they want to be martphone they look unique and another from the other. One of the most simple things are usually a lot was done to change the look of Android is by replacing image wallpaper. Both were replaced in the form of funny pictures, cool pictures, or just a personal photo or photo memories with dear ones. So you feel, your smartphone is not too dull when seen.

But as we know, the Android is an operating system that is a little complicated for some, especially the novice user. Even to replace the wallpaper, there are some steps that we have to do. Unlike on most Hp such as Symbian or Java operating system that has the Full Screen wallpaper which can automatically adjust the screen. On Android, we have to pass the step "Crop" to make adjustments screen. Probably for most people, this is not a problem. However, there are some people who feel offended by this way.

An easy way to menggangi the android wallpaper

Suppose you have a photo that you want to set as wallpaper. You may sincerely hope every image that is in the photo could appear on the wallpaperAndroid. But because of the "Crop" you should skip, then usually the majority of these images will be truncated and does not appear on the wallpaper. Certainly not quite disappointing? Then, is there an easy way to change the wallpaper Android without the crop?

The answer of course is no. Even the way we will do this time around is pretty easy and can be done by anyone. To do this, we will use the aid of an application called "Image 2 Wallpaper". With this application, you can use any image or any photo in full screen without going through the process of Crop. For how, please refer to the tutorial below.

The Easy Way To Change The Wallpaper Android Without Crop

  1. First of all, you need to install the application Image 2 Wallpaper first. You can search directly in Google's Store, Play or do browsing with keyword "Image 2 Wallpaper".
  2. After you've installed the application, please go to the application Image 2 Wallpapers. After that you can select a picture or photos that are in the Android Gallery. Please specify the size of the wallpaper you want according to your needs.
  3. Do scroll down and select "Set as wallpaper". And finish. Congratulations, now you can change wallpapers Android without going through the stages of the crop.

Actually, it's not just the application Image 2 Wallpapers that you can use. A great many applications that have almost the same function, you could try looking for it in the Play Store. As for my tutorial for this is indeed a special I go for a novice user is still not accustomed to using Android. So with this simple tutorial, may slightly help problems that may be encountered because of the confused looking for the easy way to change the Wallpaper Android without the Crop. Hopefully this simple tutorial bermanfa'at and good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:29 am

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