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How to Factory Setting from Menu T2F Advan

Delete all data in the t2f Advan-whose name mobile phones especially smartphone someday there will be barriers are usually caused by the user itself, as an example of too much install the application causing the loading more weight which although already on uninstall but sometimes its influence is still felt.

Unlike the previous article i.e. how to hard reset a t2f Advan should enter menu Android system recovery first by pressing certain key combinations, in this article we do factory reset through the menu which is already provided by the Android Advan certainly provided can still be dinavigasu to enter settings.

How to factory reset advan t2f:

  1. In the position illuminates
  2. Select menu
  3. Select settings
  4. Select create backup & reset
  5. Select Restore to factory settings
  6. Select reset tablet
  7. Wait for the data removal process depends a lot whether or not user data.
  8. Advan will reboot
  9. Completed

So how fast did a factory reset on the Advan t2f through menu settings may help restore your smartphone settings let me so lightly again.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:48 am

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