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How To Factory Setting W Davis From The Menu are just reasons to us as users of Blackberry smartphones in particular blackberry 9220 to restore settings, such as pabrikannya because loading that became unwieldy because of too many applications are installed or it could be because there is an error light that interferes with the performance of this phone.

By returning to the arrangements initially of course delete all user data, good photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more. So we need to do a backup of your data prior to forgetfulness so that the required data could vanish.

The following step is the removal of Blackberry 9220 Davis:

  1. Open all menus
  2. Select the option
    Illustrated tutorial restore original settings w 9220
    Select Logo 
  3. Select Security
    To delete data w davis stage 2
    Select The Logo Key
  4. Select Security Removal
    More information please look at this page.
    Select the HP Logo
  5. Select Data for Removal
    The steps factory reset bb davis.
    Type blackberry
    • Check Email, contacts, etc.
    • check the user's Installed Applications
    • for Media Card is your external memory, it does not need to be checked
  6. on the Confirmation type of blackberry in the box
    The next step is to erase the user data w 9220
  7. last then click the delete button
  8. BB you will be loading when wiping the data marked with the percentage
    The last stages when performing reset w davis
    The process of wiping the data
  9. wait until your bb restart by itself
  10. After w you live please do the standard settings such as the language used and others
  11. completed

The BB Davisnya Die total could visit the discussion on this page

So how to manually perform the deletion of user data blackberry 9220 davis without the pc easily may be able to help readers who need it.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 10:07 am

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