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How To Flash Advan S3 + Via SP Flashtool

Flash advan s3 + with this time will discuss how to perform a repair of the software error in Advan s3 + (plus) and program the flashtool sp course tutors are not much different from the previously discussed specifically with mtk chips, which on this smartphone is chipnya MT6571.

Before you make the process of flashing it's good you did a hard reset first, who knows only with hard reset keruskaan cell phone you already resolved. Here's how by pressing a few keys specific so you can get into recovery menu in which there is the option of doing a wipe data/factory reset, please read on how to hard reset Android china.

Here's how flash Advan s3 +:

View the full tutorial on this page.

  1. Please take all the necessary files;
  2. Extract all the files
  3. Install the usb driver «vcom

    How to flash advan s3 plus more at

  4. Open URsp_flashtool.exe on the results of the extract SP Flashtool
  5. When a POPs description ' The scatter file cannot find, please make sure the file is exist before download. ' disregard it by pressing the OK button.
  6. On the Download tab click the Scatter_loading and point it to the file MT6571_Android_scatter in the folder the firmware advan s3 +.
  7. Click the Download button.
  8. Prepare your mobile phone off and plug the battery back and then plug the usb into your mobile phone
  9. Let your computer to install the driver.
  10. If the driver is already installed then the roads will instantly flashtool sp is characterized by a yellow loading.
  11. If it is not the way, check what drivers already installed in the device manager on your pc. Then install the drivers manually.
  12. After flashing successfully then it will be marked Stabilizing green.
  13. Completed


  1. If you're still nanya password means you lack drinking water.
  2. For light damage such as phone lock forgot/the key patterns, then the preloader and uboot doesn't need to be checked.
  3. If the error message appears when flashing please read the explanation of error message SP Flashtool.
  4. Make sure you have enough quota to store the above files because nearly 1 GB.
  5. If usb is not terdetek please check the battery, a usb cable, or the driver is not installed.
  6. The risk borne by yourself, the important do not easily give up.

So the way flash advan s3 + using the flashtool sp as a media to install the firwmare him on this type of smartphones, and for the other types you can search the Collection how to flash a cell phone.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 12:25 am

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