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How To Flash Advan S3A

Flashing tutorial advan vandroid s3a-a lightweight software to malfunction we have discussed with the how to perform a hard reset as the previous article i.e. how to Hard Reset Advan S3a and if no luck then we should do the flashing, thus Damaged Phone blog write it in this article.

Flashing tutorial advan vandroid s3a uses sp flashtool and scatter files can be viewed here.
How to flash advan s3a

Please take the first of his tool here:

How to flashingnya:

  1. Grab all the files of his supporters and extract files in rar form.
  2. install the drivers contained in the folder MTK preloader drivers.
  3. Open Flashtool SP, go to scatter-loading file then navigate to the file MT6572_Android then it will scatter out list files which have been already checked off by itself.
  4. but a look at lis SEC_RO, please double click the nodl_secro file and navigate to the above.

    Enter file secro sp flashtool advan s3a

  5. then click the Download button,
  6. Plug the usb into your hh, then let the computer automatically installs the driver automatically.
  7. When the driver installation is correct, then the program will directly undertake the process of flash on your hh is characterized by loading warnakuning.
  8. If the driver still unreadable, then you should have a look in device manager and install the manual then navigate to folder MTK PReloader drivers who have been on the take.
  9. If it is successful it will come out a green circle.
  10. Please unplug the battery and plug it in again, then turn on your hh.
  11. That requires another type of firmware please read the firmware Collection advan vandroid.
  12. The article is already in the form of ebook Download PDF

Thus article that discusses how to flash vandroid advan s3a using firmware flashtool sp along with his stokrom may be useful, please follow and share mobile phone blog is broken.

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 9:34 pm

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