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10 steps how to Flash Android Galaxy Y Via Odin With Easy PC

How to flash Android galaxy y via Odin with pc-Mobile Blog is broken ( this time will discuss the improvements section of the software on the phone Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 Young who has the operating system Android. As Nokia phones that could flash with usb, Blackberry with Apploader, HP China with flashtool, so is Samsung galaxy s5360 this flash rom using software named Odin and of course using the alias PC computer.

To address this type of Samsung software damage we have to do it gradually, so do not directly do the flashing before committing to a solution of the lightest first to mobile phone damaged is being repaired. So, the sequence we do the initial settings, do a hard reset manual without PCs, last by doing the flashing with Odin.

Some terms you need to know;

  1. Setup/menu, choose factory over the phone so that the mobile phone will set all applications in the system such as readily kala when removed from the place of production, such as; profiles, themes, ring tones, etc. but does not include user data.
  2. Hard Reset, the reset total without pc on a mobile/handheld thoroughly total including the user data. The damage can be corrected;
    • Hank
    • User code/unlock user lock code
    • Too many pattern
    • Lemot
  3. Flashing the program removal process, i.e. the operating system mobile/handheld and then write it back in accordance with the type and the type of mobile phone. Examples of easy it is as we install a windows os on a computer that is of course the process is much different. The reason flash is doing;
    • user code,
    • Hank/lag,
    • too many patterns,
    • system error recurs,
    • want to upgrade the operating system if you want to add a new application from a vendor,
    • bootloop,
    • totally off,
    • and other.

Its application on Samsung galaxy young:

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Young s5360 Without pc (remember You will lose all data erased), 

  1. Hard reset using the touchscreen, if code can still be used then press the code * 2767 * 3855 # then your phone will be loading briefly then restarts by itself just wait until the process is completed and hard reset your mobile phone back to life.
  2. Hard reset manual with buttons, if your mobile phone already hank and lag, in the conditions of the mobile phone off and battery installed please press (Volume Up Button + Home button + Power button). Then select (wipe data/factory reset > > yes delete all user > > reboot system now)

Tutorial Flash Samsung Galaxy y;

  1. (Driver Samsung Kies), save it and install drivers samsung galaxy gt-s5360 young for that are not yet install it on your computer.
  2. (firmware S5360 bi), save, extrack firmware samsung galaxy y s5360 latest Indonesia language.
  3. (Odin V 1.85), save, and open software, extrack Odin version 1.85.
  4. After Odin's open, enter each file;
    • CSC csc file to the column
    • File modem on the PHONE
    • Pda file on PDA's column
    • The others just let it.
  5. Create Your samsung into the download mode ', ' way;
    • Press the volume down + home + power, a new menu appears after release
    • Then press volume up to continue, persipkan usb cable.
  6. Plug in the usb from computer to Samsung, wait until the driver is installed and appears on the yellow column of odin.
    Tutorial on how to flash samsung galaxy y via usb with the latest odin.
    Flash Android Via Odin
  7. Then press the START button.
  8. Then Odin will start processing the file wait till out writing PASS in green.
    The tutorial can be found at
    Pass The Writing Exit
  9. Samsung you will do a reboot and will turn on normally when completed.
  10. Enough already,:)

So we give the article title ' 10 steps how to flash Android galaxy y via Odin with easy pc ' with links, may be able to help colleagues who are conducting repairs on this type of smartphone.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:18 pm

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