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How to Flash MY BB 8520 Via Rapido Easy Installer

How to quickly flash Blackberry Gemini 8520-are familiar to Blackberry users know how to flash my bb using Apploader applications from Blackberry vendor Research In Motion such that has published his article on the page how to upgrade the firmware using the bb os flash files official from Blackberry.

But for unfamiliar use Apploader to ngeflash w in this case i.e. Blackberry 8520 it will encounter difficulties at some stage, to that's on this page will be given how to flash a Blackberry so easy with just a click seekali using Rapido installer.

This installer file Rapido bat running flashingnya process using command prompt, even your Blackberry 8520 BB or other types can be mounted without battery be flashed. though because rapido is will recognize his boot rom only, as long as the drivers are already installed on your computer the BB or your laptop.

For the driver in advance we have to install pc suite courtesy of the Blackberry that is Blackberry Desktop Software you can grab files over the web official Blackberry, then Rpido the installer you can select the file collection page on the rapido installer Blackberry

How to flash MY BB 8520 via instalador rapido:

  1. Download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software HERE
    A complete tutorial on how to use the bb 8520 instalador rapido and her bb drivers here.
    BB Desktop Software
  2. Take the rapido for BB 8520 files select in-page collection of rapido bb
  3. When install Blackberry desktop software position pc should connect to internet because it must install additional downloadable online.
  4. After the installation of Blackberry desktop software is finished then the BB 8520 rapido open file
  5. When the software opens, please plug the usb on your bb

    Here's how to flash MY BB 8520 easily and quickly.

  6. The software will automatically install the os of your bb shortly after recognized by pc
  7. Once finished the software will automatically close
  8. Your BB will restart
  9. Completed

After a normal flame and Blackberry be flashed. don't click or do anything in your Blackberry, please proceed to the stage of injek Indonesian Language. Following the tutorial below.

How to Inject the Blackberry 8520 Indonesian Language

  1. Please take a file;
  2. Extract and run the BI injectornya
  3. The top of the Select tab Bhs Indonesia
  4. Select the appropriate version of its OS i.e. OS-5
  5. Will open a new dialog
  6. Press any key on your keyboard
  7. Position of BB in a State of glowing
  8. Then plug the usb into his BB
  9. The application will run
  10. Applications will close on its own after completion
  11. BB will restart
  12. At a time when it's been turned on Please select the language settings on the Indonesian Language
  13. Completed

Please Note If you enter an incorrect Language version of customize with your BB OS version it will pop up an error like;

So the tutorial how to flash a Blackberry 8520 easily using instalador rapido not with Apploader, BBSAK, PB Tool, to overcome various damage to the software on your Blackberry including the 523 error and error 507 may be useful.

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Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:28 pm

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