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How to Flash a BB Torch 9860 with Rapido OS 7

Flash Blackberry via usb-9860 to overcome your bb that stuck, hank, forgot code, and other software damage then you can do the process of flashing with the original firmware. Unlike the article how to flash a Blackberry os official that the process is a bit long and in this article the process arguably pretty quite short one just click on the condition that the software and drivers already installed previously with rapido instalador.

The steps to flash Blackberry torch 9860 with instalador rapido:

  1. Take the necessary files;
    • BlackBerry desktop software (so bb is recognized in the computer) here.
    • Instalador rapido bb torch 9860 search on this page.
    • BI injectors all os (for the content language of Indonesia after the flash is complete) here.
  2. Install blackberry desktop software
  3. Open the file instalador rapido bb 9860
    This page discusses how ngeflash w 9860 in summary with rapido instalador.
    Rapido bb torch
  4. After writing out Connecting to bootrom, then plug the usb into your bb without battery
  5. Wait until the computer recognizes your bb, in this process is a bit long so please just wait.
  6. If true then the program will start to erase and write firmware to your bb
  7. If the completed program will close itself
  8. Disconnect the usb cable and plug your battery
  9. Wait until your mobile phone a flame until it is finished.
  10. The flash process is complete.

Next: Inject 9860 W Indonesian Language

  1. Open bi injectors all os
    How to change English w 9860
    BI Injectors
  2. the top select Bhs Ind
  3. then select OS version in accordance with its
  4. will open a new dialog
    How to add games to the blackberry 9860.
    BI Injectors OS7
  5. Press any button on your keyboar
  6. in conditions of a glowing usb plug in the bb
  7. the application will automatically ramp and when completed will close itself
  8. Unplug the usb and wait for your bb restart
  9. After blazing bb change setting language to Indonesia
  10. Save
  11. completed

So how to flash Blackberry torch 9860 using instalador rapido with a fast process here with the way Indonesia language injek, thanks for continuing to follow the blog a cell phone is broken.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 8:24 pm

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