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How to Flash a Blackberry 9900 Dakota With Instalador Rapido

How to flash a bb dakota 9900 totally off-As mobile users let alone smartphones we should really be careful in using our mobile phone, either from the care of the body as well as in terms of using the software or third party applications that we will use and installed into the Blackberry smartphone. That's one reason the Blackberry vendor using the system W ID when we want to download the application which will be used in our Blackberry, so applications that use actually correspond to the following phone types and versions that will make our durable mobile phone use.

And also for the preparation of the use of Blackberry smartphone cell phone especially BB 9900 we should also know the way in caring for or repair in the event of an error on our phones, so don't panic easily because at least we never read the tutorial how to fix Blackberry with light damage does not seem to need to be brought to mobile phone service center because it could still be addressed on its own.

But when we did not know we would be easy to panic if there is little error that sometimes it is very trivial, for new users this is understandable but if it's been years so we are going back and forth to hp service outlets and finally there is a reluctance to use a smartphone because it is considered too difficult to use.

Well one way to fix a Blackberry with damage in parts of the software that is is to do with using firmware flashing process tailored to the type and version of the Blackberry, which in this case is the BB Dakota 9900.

How to flash a BB Dakota 9900 passing instalador rapido:

  1. Download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software (114 MB)

    Official website create download PC Suite for Blackberry.

  2. Take the rapido for BB 9900 files select in-page collection of rapido bb
  3. Once downloaded extract the file
  4. Prepare your Blackberry without a battery installed
  5. Open the file rapido BB 9900

    Tutorial how to do flashing against the Blackberry 9900 dakota with one click.

  6. Plug the usb cable into your BB
  7. Wait a minute the computer will install drivers on your Blackberry.
  8. After the drivers are installed then automatic rapido will run marked by loading and percentage of flash process that took place.
  9. If the flashing process is finished then the rapido will immediately close it yourself.
  10. Unplug the usb cable
  11. Plug the battery to your Blackberry
  12. Wait until the boot is finished
  13. Completed

The next step is we fill Indonesia language into your Blackberry Dakota, please follow the tutorial how to injek the language of Indonesia into the Blackberry 9900 with one, just click below.

How to Inject Indonesian Language Blackberry 9900

  1. Please take file BI Injectors All OS
  2. Extract and run the BI injectornya
  3. The top of the Select tab Bhs Indonesia
  4. Select the appropriate version of its OS i.e. OS-7
  5. Will open a new dialog
  6. Press any key on your keyboard
  7. Position of BB in a State of glowing
  8. Then plug the usb into his BB
  9. The application will run
  10. Applications will close on its own after completion
  11. BB will restart
  12. At a time when it's been turned on Please select the language settings on the Indonesian Language
  13. Completed

If you choose the language version of the OS with the OS his Blackberry firmware it will pop up an error like this:

So the tutorial how to flash a Blackberry 9900 to overcome such software error red blink, forgot password, restart, died by using file instalador rapido with one click is accompanied also by means of the contents of his Indonesia all languages may be useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:01 am

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