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How To Flash Evercoss A5K

Flashing tutorial Evercoss a5k via usb-it looks like android phone users this type quite a lot also in Indonesia because its users search for repair hp is okay too, especially the search related articles we discuss on this page.

If the light still damage then we can use how to hard reset/factory settings beforehand, as already discussed in the article how to hard reset evercoss a5k, but if indeed could not be overcome by the way then we have to do to reset flashing this phone.

Regarding evercoss a5k using spreadtrum chip so we can not ngeflash using the Flashtool SP as the article how to flash the chip because it uses the a7s evercoss MTK, so here we use ResearchDownload with firmware bereksistensi pac.

The following stages of the way flash evercoss a5k:

  1. Please take the first have toolnya:
  2. Extract all the files above.
  3. Install the driver first on the results of the extract folder named "MIRACLE SPREADTRUM SCI-USB2Serial-version —" there are 2 x 64 and x 86 folders you select in accordance with your computer, then in the folder select "URDPInst.exe" just follow the installer until it is finished.
  4. Similarly, in the folder "SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo-v4" install also its driver.
  5. In the folder of the results extracted from the tool, open the "URResearchDownload.exe"
    To get the full tutorial how to flash evercoss a5k visit this page.
  6. Then select first gear logo then navigate to firmware evercoss a5a existence. the pac we have extracts of yesteryear. 
    How to complete the flash evercoss a5k on this page.
    Select flash files
  7. When it's perfect then loads the specified file name will appear in the top right like the picture. 
    Stages for the process of flash evercoss a5k
    The file name appears
  8. Open the second gear logo on the Main Page select Port: All, Bautrate: 115,200, Select Product: PAC_SC8825
    More information please read on this page.
  9. Then on the tab next to it i.e. Calibration eliminate the check mark all of the list below it like the picture 
    Stages of the process of flashing evercoss a5k on page cell phone is broken.
    Setting the calibration
  10. Then click OK on the bottom right, then will return to the main menu of the program.
  11. Then click the PLAY button next to the logo of two gears, then it would appear the lis Waiting …
    More information please visit this page to a5k evercoss.
    Click the play button
  12. Keep in mind at this point has not been plugged into the usb phone
  13. Disconnect the battery from the cell phone about 10 seconds and then plug it back in
  14. Press and hold the Volume button Down (for ngecilin volume), and then plug in the usb to your phone
  15. If the driver is already installed, then the loading process of the flash will start running
  16. If it is not also the way the process repeat points 2 and 3, as well as check in device manager, view the drivers installed perfectly yet, if not update the driver manually and navigate to the folder drivers.
  17. When it's finished it will come out writing PASS green color and hh will restart by itself.
  18. If you don't restart it then unplug the usb and battery then plug the battery and turn it on as usual.
  19. Completed.


  • How to flash this Phone was damaged by blog
  • This process will delete user data
  • Time doing this process flash a5a evercoss I use window xp sp3, I have ever tried in window and window 7 not successful may be time to install drivers is not perfect.
  • If it needs to be done to restart your computer for the computer speknya a light so that the diver installed perfectly.
Updated: April 8, 2016 — 9:05 pm

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