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How To Flash Evercoss A5P * (Star) Via ResearchDownload

Evercoss A5P firmware * this time will explain how to flash Evercoss a5p * (Star) and pc using a flash file bereksistensi pac files, which we use a tool named ResearchDownload for smartphone with chip spreadtrum.

Here's how flash Evercoss a5p *:

  1. Take first the entire file;
  2. Extract all the files you have take over
  3. Open URResearchDownload.exe
  4. Click Load packet (logo gear) and navigate to the firmware evercoss a5p * i.e. UREVERCOSS_A5P_BINTANG_V04_150108.pac

    The first stage flashing evercoss a5p

  5. Click Settings (logo double gear) select;

    • Select All Checkbox
    • Port: All
    • Bautrate: 115,200
    • Select Product: PAC_SC77xx_NAND
    • Click OK
  6. Click More Settings;
    • at the Option just tick the Repartition of

      Flashing a5p read more here.

    • at the Backup dump all checkbox

      Full evercoss a5p-star Flash

    • at the Flash Operation please check the Erase All Flash at the bottom of all

      Delete all flash data

    • Click OK
  7. Click the button Start Downloading
  8. A warning will appear: You have selected b[Erase All Flash]lah blah … then click Yes
  9. Will appear the words waiting at ResearcDownload

    Evercoss a5p-star flash stage with researchdownload

  10. Prepare your mobile phone evercoss a5p * you in the State of the dead and the battery attached.
  11. Press and hold the Volume Down (-) and then plug the usb to hp.
  12. The computer will recognize your usb and asked the driver, then navigate to the folder drivers drivers that you have downloaded above.
  13. After the drivers are installed then the process will run are marked with a blue loading.
  14. If nothing happens-what is means there is an error in the installation of your driver.
  15. After successfully will appear the words just Passed the green color.

Keep in mind that these files are specific to the evercoss a5p * (Star) and is not suitable when used on a5p without stars. For the Firmware file sharing without star Evercoss A5P PAC V 01.141016 and the same way with this article.

So how to flash Evercoss A5P * (Star) via usb with pc using tool ResearchDownload in summary may be useful.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:26 pm

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