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Here!!! How to Flash HP Nokia 5130 Contact Service in order not to

How to flash hp Nokia 5130c xpressmusic 2 via usb without box flasher in order not to contact service-article on this page is a continuation of the first article i.e. how to Flash HP Nokia Via USB Without Box Flasher has been written at this link UR while more detailed this time article to discuss its use on Nokia 5130c-2 express music.

As we know as mobile phone technicians, hp Nokia type is becoming a problem because of the famous case we call the CONSER aka contact services (not a music concert hehe), so when switched on hp will flame and a moment later will appear the words ' contact service ' and damage of this type there are already 2 years ago if not wrong.

And the cause of the damage that this one could be from damage to hardware and software from damage, for damage to the hardware we miss in advance while the damage this software is mostly due to human error wrong aka flash by using the software/firmware versions lower than default version of hp is being damaged and we can not blame the technician who did the flash because by the time the hp conditions be flashed. come again blank/white screen , or else an error so can't check the firmware version on the hp using the code * # 0000 # or by Check through the box flash.

So, the chronology;

  • Consumers bring broken hp software, such as; totally off, blank white screen, music player, hank is not the way, not the way internet browsers
  • Direct technician flash the firmware while being used has not been updated, now version for updates is v 07.97
  • As a result if the downgrade version then be flashed. hp will be contact service automatically, because his security already sl3
  • For a while there has not been a solution to this case.

So that this doesn't happen again, then please do the following things;

  • Confirmation to the user about the risks in case of failed flash on Nokia 5130c-2 express music.
  • Always use the latest version of flash files including 07.97
  • Kalu light damage need not be flashed. total, as an example of the damage a user code is forgotten, then simply do the unlock code user or factory set only.
  • Backup first before flash.
  • Try first the flash file is part of the CNT, CNT files because even though the different versions with other files (MCU and PPM) hp will not be totally off or error.
  • Please use the box you got like the ATF, UFSx HWK Mobileex, if still alive, or via usb only without the box at all as we will discuss it this time.

The following tutorials how to Flash HP Nokia 5130c Xpressmusic 2 via usb without box flasher in order not to contact services;

A. Collect software and firmware used to be required;

  1. BEST, works for the main flash Nokia software via usb.
  2. Nokia USB rom, function to hp driver the first time hp boot when plugged into usb while the flash process begins.
  3. Nokia PC Suite, serves to drivers when running out of flash so that hp could get in-full auto factory after the flash.
  4. Nokia firmware 5130 07.97 BI version Only

B. steps flash Nokia 5130 using the Best software;

  1. Prepare the usb, remove batteries from hp Nokia 5130 you.
  2. Install Nokia PC suite, then restart it if necessary.
  3. Extract the URBest.rar, URNokia_usb_rom.rar,
  4. Run URBest4.exe
    Tutorial on how to flash hp nokia 5130 using Best tana box
  5. Click ' connect ' and then select ' usb ' as its interface
    How to flash hp Nokia 5130 without box flasher-click usb
    Click USB
  6. Enter one by one flash file Nokia 5130/firmware that has been previously saved, i.e. the file MCU (mcusw), PPM (ppm_x), and CNT (image_x). after it dumped the check mcu and ppm only while in the cnt let go.
    How to flash Nokia 5130 without box flasher, firmware insert stage
    Enter Nokia firmware 5130 rm-495
  7. Check the dead fashion, backup, chk/read, set to normal, the factoryset, last click FLASH.
    Stages of flash Nokia 5130-check like the image.
    Stages of Flash 5130
  8. Once in click on ' FLASH ', insert the batteries into the hp Nokia 5130 you then plug the usb to hp followed by press the button ON.
  9. If your computer ask for driver for Nokia usb rom, then navigate to folder Nokia USB rom you have extract before.
  10. If the steps are right then the software will start loading and to begin work on the cell phone into the CNT file is corrupted you.
  11. If there is an error, please repeat of stage 5, then on stage 7 uncheck on backup (point 2), chk/read (3 points), then Flash.
  12. When completed the process of flash, don't rescinded in the past so that normal life and cell phone on the computer started to detect driver Nokia Pc Suite 5130 mobile phone from you.


  • Flash Nokia 5130 is quite risky, it could lead to hank, blank and contact services so do with hati2. and if still error most likely already combo flash ic error in him and this has often occurred and indeed there have been many such cases.

So how to flash hp Nokia 5130c-2 express music via usb without box flasher using the Best software, with the latest firmware update i.e. 07.97 version rm-495, hopefully can help friends who need it. If you have questions or want to delivered please give comments below.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:40 pm

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