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How To Format A MTK Android Failed Hard Reset Via Volcano

It has become a common thing when Android gets damaged lightly in the section software like bootloop, hank logo, system halt, forgot password, forgot phone code patterns, etc then the first thing we can do is to do a hard reset via the Android system recovery are already there are features of the default OS.

But sometimes there are some specific type after we do a hard reset manually but not bearing fruit although tried several ways, via fastboot mode, recovery mode, passing through china, and other recovery and when difficulties occurred then we must go to the next stage of repairs software that is done flashing.

But there is good news for those of you who have a Volcano Box Flasher tried this one before moving on to the stage flashing because of the way fast enough and does not take a long time, and from some types of Android a mtk cranky after reset nothing happened then in this manner can be normal again without doing the flashing.

Here's how to format a stubborn MTK: Android

  1. Open volcano tool
  2. Select Android tab on the left
  3. On USB MODE select ' FORMAT ' and select ' Auto '
  4. Then press START
  5. After appearing "> > Analysis of USB port, Please insert USB cable phone." then plug the usb cable into your android in an off with batteries installed without pressing any button.

    How to format using the MTK volcanoe Android box.

  6. Adb drivers for mobile dikonekkan when I consider the drivers already installed,
  7. The loading will be briefly
  8. Completed
  9. Unplug the usb cable
  10. If not dead then turn off with power button pressed long
  11. Then turn it on again as usual
  12. Completed
Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:15 am

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