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How to Full Factory BB 8520 without using a PC

How to Full Factory BB 8520 without using PC-the story there is the counter neighbors bring the Blackberry 8520 Gemini servisan with damage and conditions;

Because the laptop just one busy working on another hp and if the upgrade process somewhat longer better do wipe (full factory) via the bb itself, a.k.a. hadn't use a computer at all.

How come?? Yes, do you still remember when the terpassword bb and we enter a password then his bb will do automatic wipe, well we just use it. The following step-stride;

Wipe re bb without a computer
Wipe Your Blackberry
  • Could not open Media
  • In addition to the normal VB error.
  • First backup all data required
  • Activate your bb key code.
  • Then the telephone Key, Menu Key > > phone.
  • Hold the button is locked and when we press the keypad then bb ask for password, so just enter the wrong password it is up. If the requested type ' blackberry ' then just type ' blackberry ' and then continue giving the wrong password (default 10) then the bb will do a wipe.
  • Wait the loading process until 100% wipe and restart bb.
  • Just look at the settings of the BB is back as before.

So wipe the blackberry tutorials without using a computer, if there is an error please comment just hopefully be assisted.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:31 pm

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