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How To Get Free Gem Clash Of Clans Guide

There are several ways of getting free gem from the Clash Of Clans Guide you can do. This will help you get a gem to easily assist you in building your city. In a Clash Of gaming Clans, Gem has a very important role. The more gems that you have, then the city you'll be growing and getting stronger.

For beginner players, surely you are envious of your friends-friends who have very strong fortifications or whenever doing battle always wins. It is very reasonable because the Gem he had lots to build fortifications. But for a newbie gem owned limited enough that it took extra struggle to build the city.

There are actually ways of getting free clans clash of gem guide which can ana do to get lots of gem. The trick is as follows:

Clears The Obstacle

Obstacle is an object – object barrier or trash that pops up unexpectedly – arrive in your town. One Obstacle such as Trunk, Tree, Mushroom, Stone, Gems and Box. Clears the Obstacle must do, if you are lucky you can get gem – free of charge. But if you find any obstacle gem box, already assured you'll get the gem.

Slaah one way so that the gem box quickly appeared again in your city, suggested when appeared Gem Box immediately grab, never wait for later or tomorrow. You also suggested when attacking other cities, try to win 100%. Attack at least 5 to 10 villages in the next 48 hours. Remember win 100% and got 3 stars.

 Collect the trophy

The second way you can do is collect thropy. The more the thropy you collect the more also a gem that you can have. Collect the trophy to get gem indeed long enough but you can get hundreds of thousands trophy. Indicators number of thropy you should collect

  • 1250 Trophy can 450 free Gems
  • 2000 Trophy can be 250 free Gems
  • 2600 Trophy can be 1000 Gems for free
  • 3200 Trophy May 2000 Gems for free

Collect as much thropy – many attack your opponent now. And get a gem as much – as much. Advised to attack the city – the city that has a weak defense so you definitely win and get a trophy, because if you lose then you would have taken the city thropy winner.

Complete Achievement Award

Achievement award is an award for those of you who have completed the mission to get the gem. You can get gem lots, by completing a mission – a mission in the game Clans Clash Of one eg with memengankan 10 star in the Campaign Folder you can get 10 free Gems, clean up 500 obstacle you will get 20 gem, collecting a total of 1250 thropy in mulitplayer battle you can gain 450 gems and many other missions.

A lot of Achievement in the game Clash Of Clans there are 66 achievement award. So you can get a lot of gem from completing this achievement.

The above ways you can apply with ease, do the above way to get gem. Hopefully helpful

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:19 am

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