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Lumia is one of the latest smartphone innovation. Indeed deserve if Lumia is referred to as the latest innovation, given the operais system used on Smartphones is different from the smartphone on normal. On most smartphones is certainly to use the Android operating system for smartphones, meanwhile Lumia is provided with Microsoft Windows operating system 8. Thanks to supply Microsoft Windows operating system, smartphone 8 Lumia is very familiar with the pronunciation as Windows Phone.


As one of the newest products from Microsoft, smartphone vendors Lumia 520 has been provided with advanced specifications in every sector, ranging from the sektornya cameras, storage, and other sectors.

But do you know if it is reversed from the sophistication of Lumia 520 this, apparently there is also still a lot of problems that appear in the software. To resolve the issue, you can perform a hard reset way Lumia 520. How to hard reset 520 is different with the way the hard reset on other smartphones, because on hard reset way Lumia 520 through 4 different stages. Here are the steps-steps:

Phase I

1. first do a backup of all your data

2. Secondly make sure battery is minimum is 50%

3. Finally remove the SIM card and its memory

Phase II

1. make sure your smartphome Lumia 520 in case of death or off

2. press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates and displays on the screen of the Nokia logo

3. If the on screen display of the Nokia logo appears already, then press and hold the Volume Down (-) until the Nokia logo is turned into an exclamation mark

Stage III

1. If the phone has been showing an exclamation mark, then press the following keys in sequence, i.e. starting from the Volume Up (+), Power button, and button Volume Down (-)

2. If the keystrokes done sceara sequence, then the exclamation mark is displayed on the screen will change to a picture of two rotating gear to process hard reset done

Stage IV

1. in this last phase, wait the process hard reset Lumia 520 until completed

2. You need to remember that the process of hard reset Lumia 520 is very risky, therefore for you dihimbau for not pressing the button on your mobile phone

3. While the process of hard reset, then make sure your mobile phone is left. Because if the hard reset process has been completed, it will be automatically turned on. Therefore, you are not allowed to press various buttons that there

4. The process of hard reset itself takes approximately 20 minutes

5. once the process is complete, then you are required to set up all the settings on the mobile phone, from a date, time, as well as Microsoft account

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:29 am

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