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How To Hard Reset Advan S4E Discussed Again

The use of the Android smartphone now has begun to bloom among the public. That is because Android smartphone has been provided with the latest specifications or features and sophisticated. With so many things you can get through this smartphone. The rise of the emergence of various new Android smartphone, also offset by the emergence of many vendors smartphone. Now it's between central vendors compete strictly to be able to dominate the smartphone market. Advan is one smartphone vendors who also does not want to miss the presence of this competition.

One of the strategies used by the vendor to Advan can master the market is to provide smartphonenya with a sophisticated specification. Another strategy that is also used by membanderol is all smartphonenya Advan at affordable prices, even though it has been provided with advanced specifications. One of the products that also became the flagship of Advan is Advan S4E. On these type of parties Advantelah membekalinya successfully with specifications or features that sophistication is no need to doubt.

This page discusses how to hard reset advan s4e.

But who would have thought if reversed from the sophistication of the Advan S4E apparently there are a lot of problems that often became the complaint for the pengggunanya. Various problems commonly appear on smartphone Advan S4E is an application which was not able to walk normally, loading a very long time, it cannot be used to receive sms, not capable of storing data, as well as forgotten screen lock code patterns. When the issue comes up, then you have nothing to worry about. Because as you know that it's all a matter of course there is the solution. How to hard reset Advan S4E is the best solution to resolve the affairs. You need to know that there are two ways a hard reset Advan S4E, i.e. with the CWM recovery and recovery of Chinese language. Just below are the steps:

How To Hard Reset Advan S4E With CWM Recovery

1. Make sure your mobile phone in case of death

2. Plug the USB cable when the battery logo appears yet. Press and simultaneously hold the Volume button is also Up + Power button

3. After the Android logo appears on the screen, then press the power button to enter into the CWM recovery menu

4. Next select wipe data/Factory reset

5. Pilijh delete all user data select Yes

6. Select also wipe cache partition

7. The last select Reboot

How To Hard Reset Advan S4E With Chinese Language

1. Make sure your mobile phone in dead condition

2. Next press and hold the Volume Down + Power button

3. Off button until the menu appears on the screen that reads Chinese recovery

4. Then select the menu at the end bearing the eMMC

5. Wait until the process wipe finish

6. Select the last Reboot, wait for the process to smartphone Advan successfully displays the main screen

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:36 am

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