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How To Hard Reset Advan S4M Pass Recovery

How to get into Android system recovery Advan will still be discussing how to open the lock code/code patterns on this page special smartphone brand. For the new first heard this recovery mode please note that way it can repair damaged lightly in the section software by deleting entire user data, the following third party applications and gmail account and other accounts.

As reminded earlier that the hard reset it is the first solution that work was very simple because it uses the facilities of the recovery that is already provided by the Android OS by pressing a combination of some keys to bring up the menu of his recovery.

Advan s4m has the Spreadtrum chip does not equal Advan generally i.e. most use MTK chip, so that later, if you want to make the process of flashing can use special ResearchDownload software for Android spreadtrum.

How to open lock code s4m advan pattern by going into recovery mode.

About cell phones:

  • Model number S4M
  • Android version 5.4.2
  • Kernel version 3.10.17 jenkins NAE jenkins2 # 1 Fri Jan 8 17:21:51 CST 2015
  • A build number WG4026A_S4M_V1_20150108
  • SP7715EA_V hardware version 1.0.0

Here's how to hard reset Advan s4m:

  1. Position the mobile phone in an off with battery installed
  2. Press and hold the two buttons, namely;
    • Volume Down Button (-)
    • The Power Button
  3. After the Android robot logo appears that lay down red triangle with an exclamation point release all buttons of yesteryear
  4. Press again the button Volume Down (-) menu to bring up the Android system recovery
  5. After that the recovery menu will appear
  6. Select wipe data/factory reset
  7. Use the volume buttons to slide option and power button to confirm
  8. Select again Yes–delete all user data
  9. Wait for the erase process completed
  10. Select wipe cache partition
  11. Wait for the process to complete
  12. Select reboot system now
  13. Wait for your phone will restart
  14. Completed

So the solution to unlock code pattern, heavy loading, hank logo, bootloop, without a pc with ease but specifically for light damage. But if this doesn't rewarding or bore apples please done flashing.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 9:01 am

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