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How to Hard Reset Advan Star 5

Factory reset on advan star 5-bringing customers Come androidnya with this brand with a complaint on the screen appear the words ' internal storage is almost full, the application installation process is stopped. Clear some storage space, and then try again. ' and this paper continue to appear even though you clicked OK.

As the previous article how to hard reset a Chinese Android, we also use the same method that is by the way a hard reset manual with a certain key combination to get into recovery menu, and the trick will be explained on this page.

How to hard reset advan star 5 there are two ways;

  1. With the android system recovery menu/cwm
  2. With the recovery menu of Chinese writing

A. how to hard reset a 5 star with android advan system recovery menu/cwm:

  1. Positions in the State off
  2. Press and hold the two buttons, namely;
    • The volume button up
    • The power button
  3. Once the android robot logo appears with the words ' no command ' then release all buttons
  4. Press the power button again, it will appear Android system recovery menu
  5. Select wipe data/factory reset, then select again Yes–delete all user data
  6. Wait for the process to finish wiping
  7. Select wipe cache partition, and wait for the finished wiping process.
  8. Select reboot system now
  9. Completed

B. how to hard reset advan star 5 with Chinese writing recovery menu:

  1. Positions in the State off
  2. Press and hold the two buttons, namely;
    • The volume button down
    • The power button
  3. After the menu appears the writing of china please release all the buttons above
  4. Select the menu that ends there eMMC (Please read the meaning of the writings of a Chinese recovery menu)
  5. After being selected by using the power button then advan star 5 you will restart and the settings are returned to factory settings.
  6. Completed

Set the advan star 5 after a hard reset:

  1. After a successful dihard reset the initial settings will have advan
  2. Select the language of Indonesia, click next logo
  3. Select wifi, wifi network if there is please koneksikan but if there is no skip alone
  4. Choose a location, click the Google logo next course
  5. Google services, select the next logo
  6. Sim notification appears replaced (if your driver installed) click close
  7. User Tips for appearing, check the do not need to be reminded again and then click ok
  8. The welcome notification appears, click ok
  9. The manage notification space appears again, click ok.
  10. Up here it is finished
  11. Next is up to you.

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So how to hard reset advan star 5 with two methods which made it with a cell phone belongs to you along with the early opener when stingan after successfully hard reset, I hope this article is useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 1:14 pm

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