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How To Hard Reset Advan T2 to unlock code pattern of Advan T2 can be done by logging into the recovery menu by pressing a certain button that we call a hard reset. As the main article on how to hard reset an Android tablet, then on the program we can also apply the same

How to get into recovery menu on advan t2

Tablet Advan t2 version 4.1.1 brought by consumers because it forgot the code patterns that have been made so it can't be used. For how hard resetnya I suggest to forget the ways you have ever read the article on Hard Reset for other types because it is a little different. So read the steps slowly later you will be able to get into recovery mode.

How to hard reset advan t2:

  1. Position the tablet you off, if again hank siliahkan press the reset button on the back of the power button use the stylus or the other because the hole is small.
  2. Press and hold the 2 buttons only, namely;
    • The Volume Button Up
    • The Power Button
  3. After the flame was first writing Advan directly release only the power button, volume up while still being held.
  4. After the android robot logo appears release the last button.
  5. At the moment only the android robot logo appears only, whereas the recovery menu has yet to emerge.
  6. To bring up the recovery menu, hold down the power button and then press the volume up just once. (important)
  7. After the recovery menu comes up, select wipe data/factory reset (up and down a menu with the volume button and select with the power button)
  8. Select again Yes–delete all user data
  9. Wait for the erase process data is complete.
  10. Select wipe cache partition
  11. Wait for the process wipe finish
  12. Select reboot system now
  13. Your tablet will restar
  14. Completed

So how to hard reset advan t2 to open code patterns or also to cope with the logo of hank get into recovery menu as explained above. may be useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 8:47 am

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