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How to Hard Reset an iPhone 4

Of course everyone already know if the iPhone is a smartphone product design from the vendor of the famous, who else if not Apple. Apple is a world's largest smartphone vendor who now digadang-gadang are competing with vendors of Samsung. The presence of both of these vendors also have managed to master the market of sale of mobile phones in the market. However, when compared to the Samsung, Apple's proprietary product more has the advantage is unbeatable in terms of design, the design work was featured by Apple have an elegant and luxurious impression. It's dbuktikan on one of its products, that is, the iPhone 4.

the iPhone 4 has been successfully controlled the market. Though iPhone 4 dibanderol price is very expensive, but had turned away the desire of everyone to buy it. Wishes someone to have an iPhone 4 is because specifications at once feature in it was already quite advanced and latest. Even not rarely also some people mention that the desire to have the iPhone 4 just to complete the collection of luxurious goods.

But most people don't know that behind the excellence owned iPhone 4 turned out also keeps a wide array of issues that at times can appear suddenly. Various problems that can arise among them are part of the screen is experiencing springboard freeze or less sensitive to the touch of the power button, it suddenly doesn't work, as well as the home button that is not dapak is used to close the applications that have been used. Of course the problem of yangtiba appeared on the iPhone 4 is very annoying most of activities closely related to the use of mobile phones. Therefore, such things should be immediately addressed. Because if left untreated, it can trigger the onset of other more severe problems, and allows also if those problems could result in a broken piece of hardware. Therefore, before this occurs, then you should immediately do the best solution: with how to hard reset an iPhone 4.

How to hard reset an iPhone 4 you can take a look at the reviews below:

  1. The first way to do is to press the home button and power button simultaneously for a few seconds
  2. Then the iPhone screen will turn into dark and still press tombo; power for a few seconds
  3. Release the home button if the display is already showing the Apple logo. The emergence of the Apple logo is a sign if how to hard reset the iPhone 4 has been successfully.
  4. The last step is to never panic, because to be headed to the main screen it takes time for a few seconds. Such things happen, because this is natural indicates if your iPhone 4 are still at normal conditions.
Updated: April 10, 2016 — 9:09 am

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