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How to Hard Reset an iPhone

the iPhone is one of the hosts of the product manufacturer Apple. As you know that all the hosts of the product Apple puts a smartphone that look exclusive and luxury. Not only that, the specifications had to be immersed too advanced and latest. Although embedded specification has proven to be sophisticated, but still all smartphones can not far from whose name the problem, same as the iPhone.

The issue is identical to the iPhone from the light conditions often experienced springboard freeze. The intent of the condition the screens are often do not respond to the presence of a touch. Another issue that usually complained of by the users of the iPhone is an application that can not be closed even though it is already pressing the home button. In addition there are also often complain of the power button that is suddenly not working, so the iPhone can not be turned off.
If the problem has already occurred on your iPhone, then no need to worry because many solutions or a way out, which is to resolve the issue. One way out is to how to hard reset the iPhone. Hard reset on its own is doing a reboot on the iPhone in order to fix the problems that appear on your iPhone. How are different, but the goal remains the same i.e. to solve the problems that appear on the iPhone.
As usual, reboot on the iPhone can be done by pressing while holding the power button for a few seconds until it appears a Slide to Power Off. How to hard reset an iPhone is easy, so anyone can do it without the need for special skills. Certainly for some people still there who haven't learned how to hard reset the iPhone is good and correct. Therefore how can you take a look at the steps below.

Here's how to hard reset an iPhone:

  1. The first step press simultaneously the power button and the home button for a few seconds
  2. Next iPhone screen will become dark. But even so, you have to keep pressing it while holding down the power button for a few seconds
  3. Release the home button if the display appears already on the screen of the Apple logo. The point is how to hard reset the iPhone has managed to do.
  4. You don't have to worry, because for loading Apple logo heading into the main screen it takes time for a few seconds. So this means things that indicate if the iPhone you have under normal circumstances.

Keep in mind that how to hard reset an iPhone this will not remove all files, both applications, songs, or documents on the iPhone, so you don't have to worry about data or files will be lost when performing a hard reset. Hard reset this is way out the best for you in troubleshooting on the iPhone.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 9:10 am

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