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How to Hard Reset an Android is a re-reset activity whose main purpose is to restore the condition of the phone as when first purchased. Hard reset or commonly known as factory reset is done on new smartphone has a variety of problems, such as forgot pattern lock, keypad on a phone that may not work, and many other problems that arose in the Android smartphone.

As you know, that every issue there are certainly contributing factor. Same is the case with a smartphone that suddenly appeared in this issue, certainly due to several factors, including Smartphones have long storing heaps of junk files or cache, too often playing games that the quality is High Definition (HD), and there's more other cause factor. Certainly when the Android smartphone is already the arrival of many problems, of course you will not be comfortable while using a smartphone.

Even those problems will be able to disrupt all your activities very often use mobile phones as a medium. The incidence of this problem must be addressed immediately, because otherwise it will be triggered in error on the part of software, even not closing the possibility also the issue has also become a major trigger of the occurrence of the damage to the hardware. Therefore you have to find the best solution to solve the problem. Well one of the best solution is to how to hard reset Android.

While mobile phones Andorid performed a hard reset, then all data stored on the internal memory will be erased. Therefore, the mandatory law if before doing a restart, reset andsa need to do data backup prior to the SDCard. That way, your data will be safe and not be deleted. How to hard reset android arguably easier, so anyone can do it by yourself guaranteed.

How to hard reset Android you can take a look at the steps below:

  1. The first step is to be aware of the battery must be at least 70%
  2. Next turn off an Android phone you have
  3. The next step is to press and hold simultaneously the power button + Volume Up button (+) + home button for a few seconds
  4. Select wipe data/factory reset. To select it you can use the button Volume Up (+)
  5. Next to start the process of resetting, you need to press the Home button
  6. Then wait for the process to complete for a few minutes
  7. The last step select the Reboot System Now. If successful, then Android phones will go into the main screen.

But keep in mind that each different type of Android phone how to get into Recovery Mode depending on the type or brand of mobile phone Androidnya. You should know also that to enter Recovery Mode condition phones must die.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:02 pm

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