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How To Hard Reset Cross A20

Who is not familiar with Cross, one of the original China smartphone vendor that is currently very popular by the people of Indonesia. The main causes of the factors that cause Cross has many enthusiasts is because the price is very cheap when compared to other smartphones. But even though it's cheap, smartphone Cross is still provided with specs and features already arguably the sophisticated.

As you know that vendor Cross almost every month is always the latest smartphone products. One type of Cross that has just been released is Cross A20. Cross-type A20 features and specifications that do not need to doubt. Therefore, anyone can make this as consideration A20 Cross even the premier choice when going to buy a smartphone.

Vendor Cross himself has mentioned that the sophistication of the features and specs are presented in the Cross A20 this in no way affects in terms of price. Because the price offered is quite cheap, so anyone can reach it easily without burdening the other essential needs.

But who would have thought if behind the sophistication of features as well as spesfikasi on the Cross A20 can also trigger the onset of a serious enough problem. You need to know that these problems usually appear suddenly. Certainly the appearance problem is triggered by a variety of causes, such as too often install and remove applications, often used to play games, and much more to the cause of the other.

Keep in mind, that the problem popped up on a smartphone, like on this otherwise A20 Cross immediately resolved it will be able to trigger the onset of software error even the most fatal is the occurrence of the damage to the hardware section. Therefore, it must immediately be addressed. One of them is in a way a hard reset Cross A20. Hard reset itself is an activity where smartphones will be reset. How to hard reset the A20 own Cross very easily, so that is can be done by anyone.

Here's how to hard reset Cross A20:

  1.    The first step is make sure your mobile phone or smartphone in the State of the dead
  2.    Press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Down (-)
  3.    Wait until the screen appears a android logo with an exclamation point
  4.    Next press the Home button, it will automatically show up recovery
  5.    Select wipe data/factory reset
  6.    Select yes – delete all user data to perform reset
  7.    Then wait until the deletion process is complete
  8.    Select wipe cache partition menu again, wait for the process
  9.  The last step is to select the reboot system. If the process is successful, then the smartphone Cross A20 will enter into the main screen
Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:45 am

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