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How To Hard Reset Cross A5

Cross is one of the Chinese origin of the smartphone has become one of the Favorites of the public. The main factors that make this smartphone into a dream society is because the price is very cheap. You need to know that although dibanderol at low prices, but the quality is not that cheap. Because the smartphone vendor draft Cross has immersed the sophisticated specifications and features.

Some people certainly know already if the vendor of the Cross is always released and marketed its products every single month.  Such a thing is one of the vendors can master the market Cross for sales of smartphones. Cross the A5 is one of the newest products from the Cross product which has now become unggulannya. Arguably being the superior product, having been given the provision in the form of the latest specifications.

Some people are just naturally know excess Cross A5 only, without knowing its shortcomings. Did you know that behind the toughness of Cross A5 turns out also keeps many deficiencies that manifested in the form of emergence of various problems. Sometimes such problems arise in the absence of a significant sign. If the views of many of the cases, the users often complained of the key patterns of code too much. That way, you won't be able to get into the main display of the smartphone Cross the A5.

However, to deal with the things you don't need to worry because there are certainly issues reversed the way out. How to hard reset the A5 is one way out, which is to solve the problem. Hard reset itself commonly known as factory reset, that is, a way that is done to restore the original settings on your smartphone or factory settings. But keep in mind that before doing a hard reset way A5, you need to make a backup of all data, due later on all data will be erased. Hard reset itself can also be done by anyone without special expertise is required.

Then, how can I hard reset Cross A5? Just check out the steps below:

1. The first step you have to make sure if your phone is in a State of death or off

2. next press and hold the Home button + Button Volume Down (-) + Power button simultaneously

3. If the screen has managed to bring up Android System Recovery menu, then release the button that was pressed last

4. On the Android System Recovery menu, select wipe data/factory reset. To select it you can use the volume up/down button and power button

5. Next step you need to do is on a delete all user data, select Yes

6. Lastly, wait until it is finished to wipe a smartphone Cross A5 successfully led to the display of the main menu

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 10:10 am

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