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How To Hard Reset Samsung Grand Duos

Samsung Grand Duos is a smartphone from Samsung vendor products that have been classified in the category of handphpne premium. This is not such a thing eprlu letting you worry, because even though so keep this Grand Duos Samsung dibanderol priced cheap enough so that all people can reach it easily. You should know also that Samsung's own Grand Duos also fit into the category of phablet, because the party has its own menyebutan if Samsung smartphone ni was deliberately made in tablet segment.

As you know, that the problem of over capacity, either in RAM or internal memory often occur or appear on any smartphone, as well as on Samsung Grand Duos. Did you know if a smartphone has been experiencing over capacity, then it is reasonable if the smartphone into a performance decrease even worked more slowly than usual. Sometimes if it is allowed to continuously, then it would appear the possibility of smartphones experienced a hang.

Tutorial do how to hard reset Samsung grand duos

In response to the above issue, surely you will find a solution that is able to make the device Samsung Grand Duos you can return to normal as they are. How to hard reset Samsung Grand Duos is the best alternative to address the problem of over capacity. This way also the digadang-gadang has become the best way of addressing the various problems that arise on a smartphone.

Hard reset is a way do to restore your smartphone back to normal and just like when you first bought it. Hard reset itself is also commonly known as factory reset IE to factory settings restore your smartphone. But you need to remember, when going to do how to hard reset Samsung Grand Duos, then before you have to backup data stored in the internal memory, because all data will be lost when have done hard reset. How to hard reset Samsung Grand Duos arguably easier, so whoever the person is able to do it yourself. Below is how to hard reset Samsung Grand Duos:

  1. The first step be sure battery is a cellphone is more than 50%, to avoid the possibility of running out of battery power (low battery)
  2. And be sure to also phone in case of death
  3. Next press and hold the Power button + Volume Up Button (+) + Home Button Key simultaneously to start hard reset
  4. Wait until the screen appears on a display of icons Android which is also followed by menu Factory reset
  5. Then select Wipe Data Factory – select Yes, then the system automatically from your Android device will return on after factory
  6. After the above process is completed, then smartphone will do the process of rebooting unexpectedly
  7. If it succeeds, then the Samsung Grand Duos can get in on the display of the main screen.
Updated: April 9, 2016 — 11:49 pm

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