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How to Hard Reset the S3 and Advan S3A

Tutorial how to hard reset the s3 and advan s3a-as we already know that in order to repair damaged light software on android advan type hh coniferous vandroid this then we need to do the initial factory setting process by means of wipe through the cwm recovery menu.

For more information how to hard reset the s3 and advan advan s3a can be seen on this page.
Hard reset the s3 and advan s3a

The function performs a hard reset:

  • Unlock key code hh/gmail/pattern of forgetfulness
  • Overcome slow loading
  • Error message appears on android
  • and other light damage in the android os.

Please note:

  • All data in hh will be lost once the process wipe with a hard reset, please backup your data.
  • On some hh china, once-hard reset imei number then missing but doable process rewrite the imei by typing certain code manuals that are currently Broken cell phone blog yet published his article.
  • If after a hard reset but it does not resolve the issue or even totally off and even then it needs to be done the flashing

Here's how to wipe/initial setting Advan s3 and advan s3a:

For S3: advan

  1. In the off position press and hold the Volume down + Power button, if it appears the recovery writing china then select the edges there is ' a ' then the eMMC hh will restart and the settings have changed back again as discussed in the article;
  2. In the off position press and hold the Volume Up button + Power button, continue to hold so hh will restart by itself and it has been returned to factory settings.

For Advan S3A:

  • On the off position press and hold the Volume Up button + Power button
  • Plug the usb cable into your hh (cable connected to the computer)
  • remove the two buttons above the android robot logo appears after
  • also disconnect the usb cable
  • Press the power button again then recovery menu will appear
  • Next select wipe data and wipe partition, after that reboot.

For those of you who are not successful after doing hard reset please flash wear this tool:

E-book for this article can be taken HERE

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Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:45 pm

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