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How to hide your Number When Nelpon Nokia 105

In order for our unknown number nelpon this time will provide a way for our phone number could not be seen by opponents to talk at the moment, because nelpon as we know who our hp nelpon then it will exit the caller's number if he is already listed in our contact or not.

But you've also meneripa the telephone number telephone privacy aka invisible, well that's there is the caller from hp setting. But this time it will only discuss a 105 hp Nokia special rm-908, which is actually very easy to do.

How to keep people who don't see a phone number to us.

Warning: this is merely information only to be used wisely, not to be abused especially by Jones:D create gangguin others.

How to hide the identity of the caller Nokia 105:

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click On The Call Settings
  4. Select send my caller idenitas
  5. Select the inactive
  6. Completed

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Please test calls to other hp already invisible yet your numbers.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 2:29 pm

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