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How to make a USB On The Go for Your Android Smartphone

Have you ever found out what it was the USB OTG or On The Go? How to make a USB On The Go for android smartphone? Or does anyone sell it directly? USB OTG (On The Go) is a cable that can be used to connect your android smartphone with a variety of other devices like flasdisk, modem, keyboard and a variety of other devices. OTG cable can easily be purchased on the spot – a place that sells a variety of accessories for smartphones. Relative price offered is not too expensive, the range of twenty to forty thousand. But you can make it yourself. You are interested in learning to make OTG cable?

How to make USB Othe GO for your smartphone? Prepare the following equipment in advance

  • Standard USB Cable
  • Standard USB Cable that one port is a mini USB MicroUSB or when Smartphone
  • Don't forget to also prepare a cutter or knife
  • Prepare and lead solder also to connect the cable later
  • Don't miss preparing multimeter or series of lights.
  • Last and most importantly, Understand the concept of manufacture

The basic concept of making the USB On The Go this is a combine pin number 5 with pin number 4 on a USB thumb or on the electronic system referred to as jumper.

Understand the concepts above, then when you have set up all the equipment, then follow the following steps-steps

  1. The first step you have to do is cut the Standard USB Port and take the Female. Do not cut all, reserving a few cm to suit your needs
  2. Once you cut, the next cut is also a Mini USB Port and take the Mini Male. Remember the port that dumped the same, namely the standard Male flange similar to including Flash.
  3. Exfoliate a bit on the plastic sheath Mini USB port, and take Port
  4. Make sure the order is correct Pin
  5. Solder the cable from Port to Port Mini Female Male in accordance with the following
  6. Cable from pin 1 red headed pin 1
  7. Kebel of pin 2 blue or white towards the pin 2
  8. Cable from pin 3 pin 3 towards green colour
  9. Kebel of pin 4 black towards the pins 4 and 5
  10. Ingan don't get wrong Yes
  11. You must ensure your solderan nobody konslet. Use a multimeter or a series of lights to do the test. After you make sure no one is konslet from your solderan.
  12. Balut is back and close your solderan. We recommend using electrical solderan for closed solasi you.

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That's how to make a USB On The Go for Your Android Smartphone, you are interested in trying to make it? Hopefully the steps-the steps above is useful. It is advisable to invite friends who understand about electro so you are not wrong in doing so.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:07 pm

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