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How To Troubleshoot A Slow Android Smartphone

Android Smarpthone has used almost by everyone. It is considering the prices on offer varies both from among medium to premium class. The use of the less wise might lead to Your android smartphone into a slow or long time operation. This certainly makes you feel annoyed even tired telebih if you're very need it. Here we give you some tips to overcome your android smartphone lemotnya.

1. Check the availability of Your smartphone's memory

You are obligated to check the availability of adopting Your smartphone's memory. Full memory to be one of the reasons why your android smartphone performance slows down. Minimum memory for the performance of Android without barriers is 20 percent. One example of when you have Android Smartphone 8 GB interternal memory then you must provide 1 GB of unused memory.

Then what if you've already downloaded many apps so make your memory almost full? Then we recommend to perform the following steps:

  • Uninstall applications-unused applications
  • Clear the cache and junk files by going to the settings menu, then storage, and then click ok to clear
  • Do backups for files with large memory such as music, photos, images. You can back-up in the notebook or using the service cloud.

2. Avoid excessive use of Widgets

The widget is one of the fasilitis that is provided by the Android smartphone. Some people use widget for easy access to the intended application. It is true, but the use of too many widgets that can degrade the performance of your android smartphone. Then we suggest gunakann widget wisely. Please choose the most useful widgets

3. Avoid Using Application Launcher

An interesting and unique look sure to make your smartphone is delicious to look at. It is that drives some people use the app launcer on their android smartphone. The use of this is indeed intended to launcer beautify and customization of the device in accordance with the wishes of the user. Unfortunately the use of launcer assessed could lead to decreased performance of your Android Smartphone. Mismatch Animation Settings on consuming a lot of power can launcer and memory capacity of your smartphone.

Karnanya we recommend using the basic settings of your smartphone you use. In addition to not cause your battery Basic Settings of the wasteful, your smartphone can make performance smarpthone much more stable despite long use.

3. Note Your RAM Capacity

You also need to check your RAM capacity. Capacity RAM affects the performance of the extremely android smartphone for you. If you are a hobby of playing games, then choose a smartphone with a capacity above 1 GB RAM. You can also move applications – applications that are installed on the internal memory to the external memory in order for Your smartphone's performance.

4. Restart Your Smartphone Periodically

This is the easiest way. Restart your smartphone votes can make Your smarpthone performance back to normal. Restart your smartphone periodically to keep your smartphone's performance remains normal.

If the above steps-the steps you've tried, But the performance of your android smartphone does not suffer changes then consider to buy a smartphone with the latest Android system.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:59 am

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