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How to fix Android Samsung who Died

How to fix Android Samsung who Died – Have branded smartphone will certainly become a Heartland. Semaki look more classy, usually a smartphone brands also have quality assurance. Both in terms of performance to durability is assured. One of the iconic smartphone is much liked the Samsung brand. Samsung vendor itself does indeed include a fairly senior vedor creative in capture consumers. Even this vendor can always bring new products with a variety of features of interest.

However, the downside of smartphone the Samsung brand itself is a slightly complicated steps, to do flash if at any time the smartphone error. Unlike the output of China's smartphone or other smartphones brings the MediaTek chipset types that use Flash Tools Sp to do the flashing, Samsung has its own special software called ODIN. The difference is, if the Flash Tools in SP smartphone can still be flashed. Although in the circumstances of the death without a battery, for Samsung themselves have to go through the download mode to be able to be flashed.. Whereas in order to enter download mode, the smartphone certainly we should be alive. And then, what if the smartphone Samsung we have died or the term hard brick?

When your android with Android brand died then it can be read here.

Well, that's the location of the permasalahanya. When hp Samsung we died, then we should find a way so that hp can live and go into download mode. If you have a Samsung hp died or hard brick, there may be some ways that you can try. From the simplest way to last way if indeed severe. And for those of you who are looking for info on how to memperbaikai android Samsung who died, perhaps the following ways you can try.

How to fix Android Samsung who died

Remove the battery for 10 minutes

The first way you can try is to remove the battery, memory card, and the SIM card from your Samsung hp. then let sit for 10 minutes. After that try to install your battery only, and then try to turn it on. If successful, go directly to the download mode to do the flash.

Use computer-assisted

If the first fails, then please try the next way. Remove all from your android. starting from battery, memory card, and the SIM card. Then connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable. Then press and hold the volume "Up", "Down", and "Power". Hold until the "beep" sound is heard on a computer. Or if there is no sound, hold up to approximately 5 minutes. Then please uninstall USB, battery input. And please try to get into download mode.

Using the assistance software

If it still fails, you can try using the assistance software named One-cclick unbrick Tools. There have been many who share tutorials and also the software on the internet. You could try browsing and download it for free.

Rest for 3 days

If you use the software still fails, you can try to rest your smartphone for 2-3 days. Remove the battery, SIM card, and also the micro SD, then let approximately 2-3 days. After that, try installing the battery (battery only), and then goes into download mode. If successful, immediately do flashing.

Take it to Service Center

Well, if still fail but you still have the warranty card, please bring it to Samsung service center. Usually your smartphone will be repaired by replacing the damaged component and takes about 2-3 weeks until that smartphone you can take it back. If your warranty card is lost, then you should be forced to take him to the handyman's service. Will normally be repaired using a tool named JTAGG. Later the system will install directly through a cable connected to the EMMC, and no longer through the USB line. The time required is also quite long. To perform a flash method using JTAGG, it takes about 15 hours. Therefore ongkosnya is also quite expensive.

Now that is some way memperbaikai Android Samsung who died. Some simple ways sometimes are able to cope with android Samsung who died. But some are not catch fire and had to use the services of a service like my Android Samsung Galaxy win Pro. Bermanfa'at best wishes and good luck.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:47 pm

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