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How to install the latest UFSx HWK V 2015

How to upgrade Ufs support suite setup v have been many technicians use this last version and no difficulty in doing this install process which of course use ufs online panels to conduct file transfers the necessary files. But there are also some colleagues who still need a tutorial to install hwk this hotfix, then for that Broken cell phone blog makes this article that accompanied the image penunjangnya so it is easier to grasp the reader.

Well here are the stages in installing the latest ufsx hwk 2015;

  1. Download and extract the files Ufsx Support Suite Setup v via 4shared here. Please list the account used to be there if haven't got.
  2. Extract the file and then run the file.
    How to install a ufs file along with the latest panel you can get on this blog.
    Ufsx Support Suite Setup URv02.03.00.06.exe
  3. Click next
    Please see the tutorial how to install hwk box complete in this blog page.
    Click next
  4. Then click install.
    How to get the tutorial to install hwk box complete with the latest version, please go to this blog.
    click install
  5. The moment appears "would you like to install new USB Drivers?", click yes.
    To find out how to install hwk box more information please go to here.
    install the usb driver ufs hwk
  6. A dialog appears "Wellcome to the device driver installation wizard", then click next.
    Visit this page to get the files and install hwk latest tutorials
    device driver installation wizard
  7. After you have finished the installation process click finish him.
    Visit our blog to see the damaged mobile tutor.
    finished install driver usb
  8. Then after appearing "If your Ufsx was connected, disconnect and reconnect now.", then plug the usb into your hwk ufs and click OK.
    Please go to this link to get an explanation of how to install hwk.
    plug in the usb to the hwk box
  9. Make sure the box you've installed properly, please go to ' device manager ' and check out like the picture.
    Explanation of how to install the latest version of ufsx hwk on this blog.
    box is installed in device manager
  10. Install utorrent click yes if you have not installed on your computer. and just follow the installer until completion of utorrent. In the install or not doesn't affect the function of the box.
    more information on damaged mobile phone blog
    install utorrent
  11. After that check the "Launch UFSx Control Panel" and click Finish.
    For more information can be found on the blog of damaged phones.
    checkbox and click finish
  12. After that it will appear "Ufsx (HWK) Control Panel V by SaraSoft", then click scan box.
    Tutorial by cell phone is broken
    Click The Scan Box
  13. After that we hit the "Check Box" tab then there will be a description of "failed; xxx" in column box status, and there is a description of "something wrong, try to use the update box" ignore it, it's our intent to tell the press the tab "Update" Box.
    How to upgrade ufsx hwk use usf control panel v
    check box
  14. The next stage we press the tab "Update" Box, if the network smoothly it will be easy success that is marked with the caption "the Upgrade process is complete." But when a pops up error messages such as; "Connection to server failed. Socket Error # 11002 (This is usually a temporary error during hostname resolution and means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server.) " Please repeat the press Box Update ' tab ' to succeed.
    More explanation can be found in the file along with the blog a cell phone is broken.
    Update box
  15. Back then we press "Check boxes" later in the log description; "wrong installation, try to use in [Install]the Software Page.
    Is a tutorial to update your hwk box.
    Click the check box again
  16. Then on top of all the left tab we click "Software" tab again and we click "Check Server" it will come out list of the files that we have to download later.
    more information can be found at tutorial blog cell phone is broken.
    On the Software page click Check Server
  17. The last click "Install" then the program will automatically download any file that exists in the old list, this process depends on your internet connection you use. For most known antivirus to block files that are installed at this stage, then we recommend that you temporarily disable your antivirus first.
    Read install hwk box stages more information in this blog.
    the install process files ufsx hwk
  18. If the process is interrupted or stalled instalnya please click the tab "Install"
  19. After you have finished all the files downloaded, then please open DCTx BB5 you and please press "connect" if it managed to connect with the box you have already completed the process means instalnya.
  20. But if still not able to connect a file means there is less, then please repeat the process in the "install" tab, check the connection and disable your antivirus temporarily.

Thus phases in performing the upgrade/update box with ufsx hwk support suite setup use Ufsx v and continued with ufsx (hwk) control panel v by sarasoft.

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Updated: April 16, 2016 — 5:40 pm

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