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How to Jumper the USB Line BB 8530 Cas

How to Jumper the USB Line BB 8530 Cas-to tackle the damage on the Blackberry 8530 usb connector that broke his leg or lifted so it can't be in place proper soldering so keep menjumper by using a jumper cable towards the same point on the dotted lines.

Damage to the foot of solder connectors cas is typically caused by users who are too imposing upon mengecas this bb, or it could be because at the time the appointment of cas using the blower connector lead hasn't completely melted, so that when the feet were lifted in pcb join carried connector.

To cope with the BB 8530 mengecas and also not that when plugged usb cable not detected dikomputer so it doesn't appear the lightning symbol on the battery logo screen, we must pay attention to the condition of the usb connector and the path around this connector, please measure with a guide the image below using Your favorite multitester.

How to jumper the cas line and usb on the Blackberry 8530 with pictures
USB line BB 8530 Cas

In order to make the image clearer opens in a new tab

Thus the solution how to fix Blackberry 8530 that is not ngecas and is not detected on the computer with the image of cas and line jumpers usb bb 8530, may be useful.

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Updated: April 9, 2016 — 5:44 am

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