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How To Make A RJ45 Cable TAT Mode Samsung

Cable rj45 Samsung ufs hwk mode this time will give a tutorial on how to create a rj45 cable (hwk ufs to plug into) and the tip is shaped micro usb (which is later plugged into the hp samsung) in order to be able to enter the mode your Samsung phone so TAT IT can be read and the info could also be mobile unlock in sim card locked/simlock.

In the second case we solve on a Samsung Champ c3303i Samsung and also hit both c3262 simlock, i.e. If it's not installed cards can be turned on and enter the menu but when installed the sim card then mobile telephone later ask for simlock code.

Simlock phonelock, if different from the phonelock can be completed by way of a hard reset and also with the way flash uses flashloader like on these articles;

  1. How to reset user code of Samsung Champ c3303k/c3303i
  2. Flash Samsung Champ C3303i via usb without box

Now, if we can use the simlock box UFSx HWK Micro USB cable with RJ45 >, 523K. And on this page we are going to make the cables, to unlock and how to enter tutorial mode TAT will follow.

Materials required;

  1. Rj45 cable
    • Can I buy a new computer shop or could take from nokia rj45 cable that is still good

      How to make a micro usb cable rj45 ><noscript><img style=

” width=”320″ height=”224″ border=”0″ />

  • Micro usb cable
    • Can take the usb cable and remove the foot spot solder the cord
    • If I use the default pin cable box let me easily soldernya volcano, but the point is the same.

      The tip of the micro usb rj45 to make tat mode samsung.

  • 560K resistor
    • Please buy at resistors 560K electronics store in my town, if the price of Rp. 200,-a

      The process of making cable tat mode samsung.

  • Soldering equipment
    • I consider already understand this equipment.
  • Here's how to solder the wires from the micro usb to rj45;

    Tutorials blindly cable rj45 modif to enter mode tat ufs hwk.


    • Cable micro usb rj45 > is specifically for use with UFSx HWK box, if with another flasher box likely sequence would be different
    • How to enter: simply plug in usb mode TAT to hp without battery > > Click Mobile Info at the hwk > > Press back button in hp > > batteries

    So how to make the cable's usb rj45 > micros for use in box ufsx hwk Samsungs flasher Tool, may be useful to readers who need it.

    Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:18 am

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