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How To Make Android As A Remote TV

A Television remote membutuhan certainly, without a remote change chanel on TV will be more difficult and inefficient. What if when you want to watch television but confusion looking for remote television or the television remote you're damaged? When experiencing a problem that there are several ways of making the android as a tv remote that can be andalakukan.

Basically android smartphone is a smart phone equipped with a wide range of applications that can be downloaded easily and function makes it easy for a job. Not only how to make android as the tv remote, there are various ways you can do this from both the smart phone mejadikan android smartphone as rpg games, cctv, photo editor, video editor, social chat, and much more.

There are actually several Smartphones that already provided traffic to remote a few electronic devices such as DVD, TC, Sound System, AIR CONDITIONING until one is android smartphone ex. Sony Xperia Z2. However not all android has this ability. You need not fret because of how making the android as a remote tv easiest is by utilizing the available applications on the playstore.

  1. Now many applications remote tv on your android playstore. Each application has a different way of use – Bede, on this occasion we will explain how to make an android application using the tv remote as an IR Remote. Steps-steps as follows
  2. The first step you have to do is download and install the IR Remote application on your android smartphone. The trick with the last search playstore applications IR Remote.
  3. After that wait for the download and install is complete and then run applications IR Remote.
  4. After you run the IR Remote applications, you will be faced with some of the menu, select IR Database and select the brand or brands of television you want to remote. One example, Panasonic or LG
  5. Next you will be faced with a menu interface and a remote TV
  6. Try the one for the push of a button – button that appears. If you can already change the chanel and raise or lower the volume on the television. Then step you do is correct and android smartphone you already managed to become a remote telvisi

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Pretty easy isn't it? How about when your TV does not respond to your android smartphone with a remote? possible applications that you use does not support with your TV. Because there are some apps that TV remote TV only supports the kind of smart TV only. Smartphones are becoming a necessity that should be there, because of its ability that can be used for any activity, it can also make it easier for a job. That's how making android as a remote tv, we wish our articles tell us useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 11:43 pm

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