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How To Make Android Into A Modem if your internet package runs out while you are in need of an internet connection? When you're with your friends, you can do how to make android into a modem using your android smartphone in order to regain internet access.

The Internet has become a very important needs especially in an age of increasingly sophisticated and modern. Not only for personal use, the internet has now been propagated on the world of education, science, buy and sell, to connect between one individual with other individuals easily although at a great distance. The Internet makes it easy for someone good in communication to outside of the country, so it is possible if we want to communicate with people overseas, without having to go to these countries.

The various advantages of the internet, creating a new world without borders. There is no science that cannot be traced by using the internet, there are no items can be sold and bought on the internet, until there are no things that cannot be done using the internet. The various advantages which make the internet is so important for some people. When your internet package runs out, then the place – a place which provides a wifi receiver was targeted and when not found, borrow or share the internet can not be inevitable.

Basically there are many ways to make android into the modem the internet can do. Many applications – applications the playstore can change your android smartphone into a modem, the internet. But there is the easiest way that you can do to make your android into a wifi modem that can be used to share the internet. Follow the following steps-steps

  1. The first step you should do is find the settings menu or settings on your android phone. Once you click you will find a lot of the settings menu. Select wireless and network
  2. The next step, find and click the Tethering and Portable Hotspot menu, after you click it will appear two options the binding of USB and Portable Wifi Hotspot.
  3. Select Portable Wifi Hotspot, don't forget to change your Wifi password when needed so that not everyone can be connected to your Wifi Hotspots, how by signing in on the settings menu.
  4. Next do some checking, check if your wifi network already appears, if it is trying to connect by using a PC, Laptop, or Smartphone. Enter your password in accordance with your inputkan password on the settings of Wifi hotspots.
  5. When successfully connected then you've managed to create a Wifi Hotspot using android phones. Don't forget also to turn on data connection.

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Pretty simple and not very easy to do. How to make android into a modem such as the above is the easiest way without the use of third-party applications that can make your android smartphone into a slow because too many applications installed. How to make android may be a modem which we have described beneficial.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:55 am

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