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How To Make A Transparent Status Bar On Android

How to make a Transparent Status Bar On Android – have you ever want to make Android look you be unique so it looks different? Do you ever feel curious look at the status bar is your friend in the Android look transparent? Hmm, certainly for those of you who do not know how, will definitely feel very surprised and curious. Despite the transparent status bar is not included in the category modding can improve the performance of Android, but makes the transparent status bar on Android you can use for event style to sesame.

How to make a transparent status bar on Android is not difficult, you just need a little bit of precision, patience, and help some applications you can get easily on the internet. Even to make status bar transparent, you don't need any special skills in tinkering with the system. You also don't have to desist and manually by doing the build edite. prop or decompile and complie apk that have considerable risks.

Change the status bar on your android becomes transparent.

For this tutorial, I will invite you to try to do your own modding so that the status bar on Android you seem transparent. Not only transparent, even you can change it according to the color that you like. Can be green, blue or even pink. How to make a transparent status bar on Android that I give, it is very simple. But even so, I always suggest that you do a backup beforehand to keep-keep. And be sure to HH you already have root access. Well, for those of you who are curious and want to try, please follow the tutorial that I give below.

How to make a Transparent Status bar On Android

As I've described above, we will not touch the parts of the system at all. We will desist with the help of some applications, so we don't have to do a manual way through the file build. prop. How does this safe? According to experience, the way it's fairly safe when tested on multiple types of devices. And the end result is also quite appropriate expectations. But if it turns out this way fail in your HH, meaning this way can not be applied in your HH. But this way is quite powerful when applied in device produkan China or local. From on the curious, why don't you just try it directly? Remember..!! Do backups in advance ..!!

  1. Please download first application named Exposed Installer, install the application and then please open.
  2. On the menu, please select Installer Exposed Framework-> Install/Update.
  3. Once complete, please reboot HH annda.
  4. Download the application Exposed tweakbox, you can search on the internet. Then install on the internal memory.
  5. After that, please open again the application Exposed the Installer, and select in the "Module". Search and check "Exposed Tweakbox".
  6. Sign in to applications Exposed tweakbox, select the menu "status bar".
  7. Check the "Background Color". Now, please select the color that you want. If you want a transparent color, please adjust the color and then slide it to the right-most edge of the color into the image boxes. If you want another color, please select the appropriate color of course that you have prepared.
  8. Completed. Please reboot your Android andasekarang. And see the result.

How to make a transparent status bar on Android on this tutorial, simply does not require special skills. You need only the thoroughness and caution. And if you encounter an error after applying this way, please perbaikai to do a restore from the backup you made. Attention..!! Modding is a trick that has many risks. Therefore, I am not responsible if you experience an HH do modding as I described. If you are in doubt, you should not do. Bermanfa'at best wishes and good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:24 am

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