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How To Minimize The Size Of The Photo

How to minimize the size of the photos can be used to shrink the size of the photo is too big. The size of the new photo arguably great if its size reaches 1 MB. As you know, the photo size that is too large in addition to have excess turns to have drawbacks. Advantage is clearly going to look photos and details, while for the drawback is the loading process to open the photos need quite a long time.

The size of the photo is great certainly has high quality photos. You need to know that the high quality photos are usually required by the printing quality is indeed a business must be really high so that it can be read clearly by any person.

The tutorial uses the application to minimize the size of the image can be seen here.

Did you know the photo size that is too large can also spend memory storage, so it is reasonable if the available memory capacity is quickly depleted. The size of the large photos are usually generated from photos taken using digital cameras. Often these can produce snapshots of the photo size that reached number 5 MB. Therefore, how to minimize the size of the photo is very important for those of you who don't want to dispose of wasted capacity of memory.

Now it's the utilization of sophisticated technology has been able to produce a wide array of applications, including applications that can be used to minimize the size of the photo. The existence of such an application, then you can easily shrink the photo itself without requiring assistance from other people. Here are several ways to minimize the size of photos using applications, such as:

1. Advanced JPEG Compressor

How to minimize the size of the first photo is by using the application of Advanced JPEG Compressor. With this application, then the size of the photos that initially will be much smaller. Meanwhile, in terms of quality is also barely noticeable differences with the original photo. The advantages of Advanced JPEG Compressor this is can do a compress against 1 even more image files. True to its name, the photo can be scaled down in size to this application must be JPEG with extension. Therefore, if a photo hasn't been with extension of JPEG, then you have to convert it first.

2. Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a default application of the Microsoft Windows operating system that you can use as one way to minimize the size of the photo. With this application, the photo size will be dicompress much smaller than the size of the previous photo. So for example there are photos that originally 5 MB size can be scaled down in size to be 1.3 MB. Default Windows application with this one, then you don't need to bother bother again searching for applications to minimize the size of the photo. In doing so, Microsoft Office Picture Manager application this is very memabntu makes it easy for you in reducing the size of the photo.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:22 am

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